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adhyayana uthsavam comes to a close!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Jan 13 1999 - 01:21:54 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

The adhyayana uthsavams are coming to an end! The adhyayana uthsavam at 
Srirangam is noted for its arayar sEvai, and the sarpa gathi, Simha 
gathi and other gathis adopted while taking NamperumAL out in a 
procession. Similarly, the arayar sEvai ,is held in Srivilliputthoor and 
AzhwAr Thirunagari. A unique feature at Thirumala during 
Adhyayanauthsavam is the "haNNeer amudhu ThirunaaL" observed to 
commemorate the theertha kaimkaryam of Thirumalai Nambhi's. 

At Parthasarathy PerumAL Koil, After NammAzhwAr mOksham event, since the 
vaishnava tradition lays stress on AchArya's improtance in guidance to 
the devotees, a kattiyakaarar, on behalf of all of us, recites a protion 
of Saranagathy Gadhyam, with a request/an appeal to the Lord to give 
back NammAzhwAr to the world for guiding us. The words are "Loka 
samrakshaNaartham, AzhwArai Saadhitthu arLa vENum" (i.e. for the sake of 
the world's welfare, Please send back the AzhwAr). And the Lord concedes 
to the request and says through the archaka "thandhOm". The wish is 
granted! It is a very moving ritual, - I was told by my father.
At Srivilliputthoor, during the last 7 days of Margazhi (from 23rd to 
30th), there is a special Oil bath to Sri AndAL. Everyday (during these 
seven days), a different alankaaram and with the most exquisitely 
beautiful dress and ornaments and most compassionate glances at the 
BhakthAs, Sri AndAL comes out. Archakar bathes the Vigraham like a 
mother bathes the little infant so softly and so tenderly; Also, the 
"koNdai" is disassembles; the hair is combed to remove any sidukku; the 
hair is nicely combed with a long pinnal; the Chandra soorya thilakam 
are pinned to the Pinnal, Navarathna Raakkodi, Rathna jadai, are all 
given to Sri AndAL slowly and beautifully. That MahArANi looks more and 
more gorgeous and add beauty to the ornaments! On Bhogi day, (30th day), 
the uthsavam comes to a close. Once, (in some  year), when Manavala 
mamuni came to Srivilliputthoor on Bhogi day, the 30 th day thsavam was 
over and he missed it! He had so much of "pain" at heart that it appears 
PerumAL commaned to have the Oil bath for AndAL next day also (on Thai 
1st day). And on that day (thai 1st), again Oil bath for AndAL and after 
she comes back from Periya PerumAL sannidhi as usual (like other seven 
days), Manavaala mamunigal is offered Kunjalam and respects. Sri 
Sadagopa prasaadham is offered to him and he comes back to his sannidhi. 
Also during adhyayanauthsavam, Swami Desikan sits with KoorEsar along 
with AzhwArs while Sri AndAL is with PerumAL at ThiruvOlakkam. (This 
para from Sri Nrusimha priya- Oct 97 issue)

AzhwAr Emperumaanaar Desikan Jiyar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

AbdAL ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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