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thirup pAvai - part 34 - "chengaN and Lord Sri Lakshmi NrusimhA"

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Tue Jan 12 1999 - 03:50:11 PST

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

Dear bAgawathAs,

   It is said earlier that the mantra siddhi will take one to a  
final destiny of having the  prathyaksha  darshanam  and  nEtra 
darsanam. Sri ANDAL assures the  jivAtmA here  that  once   the 
mantra  upadEsam  is  received  through an AchAryA and that the 
jivAtma  does  the  mantra japam as prescribed in the shAstras, 
the  end  result  (here  the "prathayka darsanam")  is  granted 
for sure. 
	Why is this eye appearing red to one ? Normally eyes do  
reflect  the  colors  they see.  The colors of the flowers that 
Aaycchiars will bring in to garland the Lord looks  reddish. On   
seeing those flowers these eyes also look red.  The eyes appear 
red as   they see "pirAtti"  next  to  HIM ie., Once  pirAtti's 
purushAkAram is  conveyed  to  the  Lord  (AchArya  appeals  to 
pirAttri and thAyAr appeal to the Lord) the   palan is granted. 
As the Lord  takes note of "pirAtti" on HIS side HIS eyes  turn 
red as "chengAN". ie, the  red  eyes  or  "chengAN"  represents  
pirAtti's presence with the Lord. The red eyes also mean aruL(*). 

As per modern science the more the nurves or "sevvari" are seen 
on the  retina  it  is  a sign that  one  takes  note  of  many 
things  for  a  very  very  long  time with the  open  eyes. 
It is said that there is certain  amount of  longing   conveyed 
through the male lover as well who is seeking this "koodal" and 
that  HIS  eyes  become red as the waiting prolongs. ie., It is 
said  that  our  Lord  Sri RanganAtha's is waiting for each and 
every one of jivAtmA  to attain HIM and HE has been waiting for 
a very long time. Such longing makes  HIS  eyes  appear  red as 

ie., It indicates one's awareness of jivAtmA's plight. It  must 
be remembered  that  it  was   disucussed  earlier  that one of 
the greatest qualities of a Lion (ILam singam) is its awareness. 
In thirup pAn AzhwAr's  pAsuram AzhwAr refers to "pariyan", the 
Sri Nrusimha first  before  addressing  HIS  eyes  as  "sevvari  
yOdu  NeeNda  ap  periya  vAya  kaNgaL". ie., (periya vAya is a 
short form  for  "periyana  vAkiya" or those eyes that large in 
its size) AzhwAr  sees the reddish eyes of Lord nrusimha in the 
eyes of Sri RanganAthar. Sri ANDAL is also seeing the same eyes  
in "kArmEni" of  periya  perumAL. One must also   note that the 
color of a barren land a lion will see make its  eyes  look red. 
It  is  recalled that the earlier word  was  referred to  "iLam 
singam". Hence  it  is  very   suitable  to  note  that  Lion's 
"kArmEni" has this "chengaN".  

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam 
Sampath Rengarajan        

(*) _ There are many inner meanings available  for  this eyes. 
Such may be dealt in  an  other  place  when  we   deal  other  
pAsurams of other AzhwArs. Please read the part on "aruL" from 
saranAgathi journal. 

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