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thirup pAvai - part 33 - "chengaN" - oru poruL viLakkam

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Tue Jan 12 1999 - 03:46:33 PST

thirup pAvai - part 33 -  "chengaN" - oru poruL viLakkam

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

Dear bAgawathAs,

	The tamil word "chengaN" means "sivantha  kaN" ie,  the 
eyes  that  have become red or appear red. ie., reddish eye. It 
is  said  in  sanskrit  that "thasya yathA gapyAsam pundarigamE
vamakshinee" ie., Our Lord's eyes are  reddish  in  color  when 
they opens up in the early morning after thirup paLLi ezhucchi. 
This  is  similar  to  the  lotus  flowers that blossoms due to  
Sunrise.  ie.,  Our Lord's two eyes  resembles  a pair of lotus 
flowers. It is noted that other AzhwArs have also used the same 
comparison for Lord's eyes as "sen thAmarai thadangaN". It   is  
further remembered that, earlier HIS "kArmEni" was compared  to  
a  "thadAkam"  or  a  tank  full  of  water  to  facilitate the 
neerAttam of Aaychiars and quench their desires.  Now there are 
two lotus flowers (reddish eyes or chengaN) are   seen  in that 
"thadAkam" or water  tank  or "thiru mEni". 

	Thirup pAn AzhwAr deliverd that "sev  variyOdu  koodiya
ap periya vAya kaNgaL ennai  pEthamai  seythanavE".,  ie.,  The
eyes of Lord Sri Ranganthan has those red lines or  the  nurves 
"rehai" (vari) in the retina. Such eyes are making me feel lost 
and they  mesmerised  me or stupefied me. In the modern science 
of Opthamology, the basic understanding is that the nurves   on  
the  "retina" (the  normally white looking portion of the eyes) 
send messages to  the brain and the brain thus tell  one as  to  
what  they  see.  When AzhwAr takes note of  the  "sev vari" on  
the  eyes it is an indication that AzwhAr's presence is already 
noted  down by the Lord and that after the  delivering  of  the 
next two  pAsurams  AzhwAr  will  be  accepted by  the Lord (in 
"amalan Adi pirAn"). ie It is a confirmation that once one  see 
the sengaN they  are  assured of the boon that they are seeking 
from the Lord and  that  the "sengAn" implies that the Lord has 
taken note of one's appeal. Here the Aaychiars  (jivAtmAs)  are
assured by Sri ANDAL that once we received mantra upadEsam from
an   AchArya  and  observe  this  nOnbu  (saranagathi) Our Lord 
assures that the "palan" will be awarded at the  suitable  time 
and such is confirmed by HIS "chengaN".  

	AzhwAr deliverd the same thing as  "vaNkARRaiyE  orungE
maRinthu  kidanthu  alarntha   men   kAL  kamalath  thadam  pOl 
polinthana.., empirAn thdan kaNgaLE". The  word  kamala  thadam 
means a tank full of lotus flowers.  Such  tank  is compared to 
the eyes of the Lord. The Aaycchiars want to get hugged by that
thirumEni and long to be seen by that eyes that are enchanting.

Earlier it is noted that we referred the "kArmEni" itself  as a 
reference to periya perumAL Lord Sri  RanganAthar.  Now  it  is 
confirmed from this "chengaN" that the "thiru mEni"  associated 
with such reddish eyes  (chengaN)  could  only  be  our  periya 
perumAL's "thiru mEni".  
Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam 
Sampath Rengarajan        

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