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nAcciyAr tirumozhi V- kuyil kUvudal 9

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Mon Jan 11 1999 - 21:14:55 PST

      SrI ANDAL samEta SrI rangamannAr tiruvaDigaLE SaraNam

             nAcciyAr tirumozhi V- kuyil kUvudal
      pASuram 5.9 (fifth tirumozhi - pAsuram 9 pai~ngiLi vaNNan)

A. Translation from SrImAn SaDagOpan's tamizh treatise:

Oh cuckoo playing in the grove, where the radiant bees sing 
because of drinking the sweet nectar!  Pay attention and 
listen to me!  I am entrapped in  my love for emperuman, 
the Lord of Lakshmi, who is dark-hued like the green parrot 
and who is in love with tirumagaL. If you ever wish to 
continue to live in this grove, you have to do one of 
these two things: you must do your sweet warbling and get 
the lord who has the Sanku & cakkaram here or you can get me 
the golden bangles I lost because of my separation from Him. 
You are only going to stay well as long as you have me, 
who takes care of you.

pai~ngiLi vaNNan SirIdharan enbaDu Or
 pASattu agappaTTu irundEn
po~ngoLi vaNDu iraikkum pozhiL vAzh kuyilE!
kuRikkoNDu idu nI kEL
 Sa~ngoDu cakkarattAn varak kUvudal
 poN vaLai koNDu tarudal
I~nguLLa kAvinil vAzhak karudil
 eraNdattu onREl tiNNam vEnDum

B. Some additional thoughts (from SrI PVP and SrI PBA):

pASattu agappattu irundEn:  I cannot cure my sickness by 
myself.  I have lost miserably to His exquisite beauty and 
love towards Him. I have become sick and have become invalid, 
not being even able to walk. I have been caught in the net 
called SrIdharan (pASam denotes both net and love); so, it
can mean here that godai is love-sick with Sridharan.  

pongoLi vaNDu iRaikkum pozhiL vAzh:  You are spending 
time where the radiant bees sing because of drinking the 
sweet nectar and in that noise, you will not even listen to 
all my wailings.

SangoDu cakkaram tAn varak kUvudal
 poN vaLai koNDu tarudal :

You have to make my golden bangles stay in my hands 
or, alternatively, you can bring Him to me so that I can get 
the AbharaNams He has - namely, the Sanku and cakkaram.   

SrI PBA analyzes the situation here elaborately.   
She gives the option to the kuyil to either get her lost 
bangles back, or to get the Sa~ngu and cakkaram of bhagavan.  
She tells the kuyil - "iraNDattu onREl tiNNam vENDum"
- Do one of these two definitely for me.  Obviously for 
her to get her bangles back to fit, He has to come; or 
if she gets His Sa~ngu and cakkram, He has to come.  
So either way she gets what she wants. 

Why did godai imply the two things as exclusive of 
each other?   SrI PBA remarks that this is 
"camatkAram" - smartness or skillfulness on the
part of ANDAL.  He gives an example of this camatkAram 
through the story of the great pativratA SirOmaNi, sAvitri, 
who was trying, in vain, to plead with yamarAjan for the 
life of her dear husband, satyavAn.  When yama
refused to yield on this issue and refused to spare 
satyavAns' life, sAvitri kept talking skillfully with 
yama on many points of dharma, and he got mesmerized with this 
talk.  Being a smart woman, she cleverly asks for a
boon of having several children from satyavAn instead of 
asking for his life, and yama grants the boon. The only 
way to get children from satyavAn would be to get him 
alive again, and so she gets her wish fulfilled.
ANDAL's choices to the kuyil are essentially along 
the same line.  Sri PVP calls this: "oru kAriyattAlE 
iRanDum talaik kattumiRE" - getting two jobs
accomplished with one action (viz. His coming will 
get her bangles to fit, and will get her His 
Sa~ngu and cakkaram).

inguLLa kAvinil vAzhak karudil:  SrI PVP makes two 
points related to this.  One is that ANDAL is telling the 
kuyil - If you want to live happily in this grove, hearing 
my wailing all the time is not going to be the best
atmosphere for you.  So do what is needed to end my 
suffering.  The other point ANDAL is making to the kuyil is:  
If I am destroyed, who is going to preserve this grove for 
you? Just as emperumAN is preserving paramapadam so
that nitya SUri-s can live there, I am preserving the 
grove for you.
"vAnavar nAttaiyum nI kamDu koLL enRu vIDum tarum 
ninRu ninRE" - tiruvAizhmozhi 3-9-9)

sarvam SrIman nArAyaNAyEti samarpayAmi.

Kalyani Krishnamachari