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Member (Re)Introduction and more...

From: Govin Varadarajan (
Date: Thu Jan 03 1980 - 09:55:55 PST

Dear members of the bhakti list:

Some of you might already know me. 
I recently joined (re-joined) the bhakti list
after I unsubscribed from the list a few months
ago when I made a transition from being a University
student to start working at Nortel Networks, Ottawa. 

For those of you who do not know me, I thought I 
would just introduce  myself. My name is 
Govindarajan Varadarajan.  I am bascially from
Trichy, but have lived and studied mostly in 
Bangalore. Until a few months ago, I was a student 
at the Computing and Information Science Dept. of 
Queen's University, Kingston, Canada. I have been
a member of this list (though very silent) since 
late 1994.  

I am interested in all aspects of Ubhaya Vedantam,
particularly in the works of our azwaars and acharyaas.
I do not consider myself very good at reading/writing
tamil, but slowly I am trying to commit to memory
some of the works of our Azwaars and Acharyaas from
the Nityaanusandanam such as Thirupalliyaezuchi,
Neeratam, Poochootal, Varanamaayiram, Amalanaadhipiran,
Kanninunchiruthambu, Kaapidal, Saenniyongu....
now that I am working and can find some free time 
during the weekends.

Before I joined work at Nortel and after I
finished my work at Queen's University, I had the 
good fortune of visiting India and during the visit, 
I had the good fortune of visiting some of the 
diwya desams like Thiruvellarai, Srirangam, 
Nachiyaar Koil, Thirupathi, Uttamarkoil, 
and GuNaseelam.  This was the first time I visited
Tiruvellarai and really had an opportunity
to appreciate every aspect of the temple 
that was found in the article that was
written in tamil by our Acharyan 
Sriman U.Ve.Sowmyanaarayana chariar swamy and
translated into english by Sriman U.Ve Oppiliappan Koil
Varadachari Sadagopan which can be found at:
I once again thank Sriman Sadagopan for his translation.

Also, I understand from my parents in Bangalore that
the vigraha prathistai and maha samprokshanam of 
Swami Thiruppanazhwar is planned to be held at Thiruvellari
during the ensuing month THAI (February, 5-7, 1999). I 
understand that the total expenses for the project is
around one lakh rupees. I shall soon have the 
pathrigai that I received from my father scanned and
posted at
Those interested in contributing any amount may wish to
send it to me and I shall consolidate them and have it
sent to the authorities in thiruvellarai.

My Address is,

Apt.1011, 230 Woodridge Crescent,
Nepean, Ontario, Canada - K2B 8G2.
Phone: 613-721-3676.

Even an email confirmation of the amount would be fine.
I shall have the money sent in your name and you
could send me the amount at your convenience.

	Recently during the christmas break (26 Dec 98),
 I had the good fortune of visiting the Balaji Temple in 
Chicago and have the wonderful fortune of having the 
saevai (darsanam) of Thaayar and PerumaaL. It was so beautiful, 
that I am really falling short of words to describe my 
appreciations for the temple and I really felt as if
I was in Tirupathi.  

	During the visit I also had the very good fortune
of meeting some of the bhaagawathas from the bhakti
list who had come from various places to attend the 
adhyayana utsavam, such as Srimans Mohan Sagar and his wife, 
Srinivasa Varadhan, Chitra Madhavan and others.
I was also told that Sriman Mani Varadarajan was also
supposed to visit a day or two later but I had to
return back. This was the first time that I had an
opportunity to meet any of the members from our list, though
I have known them only from their wonderful postings
to the list.

	To be honest, during my four year stay 
here in Canada, I haven't had a chance to visit a temple 
so majestic in nature and that visit to Chicago has 
really seriously made me think that I should come down to
the US from Canada, and live in a place like Chicago
from where such temples are easily accessible.

	On our way back, we also had an opportunity to visit 
the Ramar temple in Chicago (Aurora ??) and had a wonderful
darsanam of the Lord.  I was also glad to find out that
the bhattar at the temple, Sriman Krishna Bhattar, is a
relative of Babu Bhattar at the Venugopala Swamy Temple
in Malleswaram, Bangalore which is one of the temples that
I really adore (for those of who have been to the Venugopala 
Swamy temple).

	I consider myself to be in KG school, as far as
Ubhaya Vedantham is concerned, so might not be able
to contribute very much in the way of articles to the 
list, but shall continue to educate myself from the 
wonderful postings from other more learned bhagawathaas
in the list.

Adiyen Ramanuja Daasan,