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thirup pAvai - part 32 - "kArmEni as kaLavu kaNdum anubavikka vEndiya thirumEni"

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sun Jan 10 1999 - 05:12:56 PST

thirup pAvai - part 32 -  "kArmEni" as "kaLavu kaNdum  anubavikka 
vEndiya thirumEni"

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

Dear bAgawathAs,

	"kArmEni" also refers to the thirumEni that was kept  to
themselves by their parents and that one must  even  attempt  to "steal" 
and enjoy  it.  ie   "OLitthu   vaittha  thirumEni anRo, 
kaLavu kaNdAkilum anubavikka thagumO enRU iRukkiaRa padiyE". The 
"thirumEni" of Sri Krishna often was hidden by their parents. It 
is  said that often their parents  attempt  to  keep the Lord in 
their  "thiru  mAligai"  or palacial holy house itself trying to 
avoid any more "mischievous act" happening any furhter. Did   we
forget yasOdhai tying Him up with a rope in the uRal in HIS  hip
such that HE became "Sri dAmodara perumAL" (*) ?.  

	It  is  said that while HE was tied up so, the Aaychiars 
came and  complained the next day that the Cows didnot yield any 
milk that day, since Sri  Krishna never  consumed their milk the 
previous day and  that they would not  wat  to  yield  any  milk 
untill they are sure of Sri Krishna being free to  go around and consume 
their milk. This  is the "purushArttham" that those cows 
know about.  ie.,  their  main  purpose (yielding  milk)  is  to 
serve Sriman nArAyana  (Sri Krishna).  ie,  "kArMEni" as "kaLavu 
KoLLa vEndiya mEni" is also a valid meaning here. ie "KaLavu" in 
tamil means "steal". It  is  said  to "Aaychiars" that  if  such 
"thiru mEni" (Sri Krishna) is locked up  in HIS house we must be 
prepared to  steal  Sri Krishna from  HIS  house and  enjoy  HIS 

       kaRmEni is also "kaLavu koLLum mEni". ie, The "thirumEni"
that  steals  our  souls.  The  "thirumEni"  that  is very  much 
enchanting, memerising and stealing our "chintanai" or  thoughts
and thereby making  our  souls as "dAsan" to  HIM  without   our 
knowing that we are falling for  this  trap. (Our  Soul   always belongs 
to HIM. HE has to steal sometimes to get us back to HIM).

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam 
Sampath Rengarajan        

(*) _ Please read the article on "dAmodaran" as a part  of  the
series on "thiruk kaNNan kudi" thala purAnAm written by  adiyEN
last year. Please also read "thiru allik kEni"  thala   purAnam
written by adiyEn and Sri Viji and Sri VS and Smt VaidEhi   two 
years ago,   wherein  we have mentioned that the "thazhumbu" or 
the  scars  that were made due to this tying up by Sri yasOdhai 
can be  seen  even  today in the "thiru mENi" of the ursavar of 
Sri partha sArathy  perumAL. It is believed  that  this   divya 
mangaLa  vigraham   was  given  by Sri Krishna HIMself  to  Sri 

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