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thirup pAvai - part 31 - "kArmEni" and "neerAttam"

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Sun Jan 10 1999 - 05:08:57 PST

thirup pAvai - part 31 - "kArmEni" and "neerAttam"

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam

Dear bAgawathAs,

       Sri ANDAL has called all the jivAtmAs earlier to "neerAda 
pOthuveer". If one has to to do neerAttam, one must have a "neer
thEkkam" or a tank full of neer or water. If billions of jivAtma 
has to do neerAttam, then the tank of water must be on  that  we
cannot describe with our limitted abilities. Such must  only  be 
the paramAtma and HIS nitya swaroopam. Since the "neerAttam" was
planned earlier, SRI ANDAL is now describing the  "neer thEkkam"
as perumAL's thirumEni.  "ithu  ennA  viraha  thAbamO ? etthanai 
neerAdinAlum thahumO enRu irukka, Kannanai kAttinAL namakku". ie

Lovers desire is to do koodal with their partner and such koodal 
is also known as neerAttam. This bagawath kAma prompted  by  Sri Krishna 
prEmi is very much fulfilling only when  the   thirumEni darsanam is 
done. And such "thiruEni"  is none  other  than  Sri KrishnA's 
thirumEni. Sri ANDAL is  indirectly  saying  that  the "thadAkam" or the 
tank or "neer thEkkam" is none other than  the
"kArmEni" of Sri Krishanan. ie., For everyone to bathe one needs 
water.  The "thirumEni" of  Lord Sri Krishna is similar to those 
dark clouds that pours water to the entire world.    "eppErpatta 
thAhatthaiyellam theerkavEndumE". We have to quench  our  thirst 
of "bagawath kAma" and  such  can  only  be  done  by  this huge 
reservoir  of "kArmEni" of Sri Krishnan. ie the "vadivazhagu" or
the beauty of this "pshysique" of Sri Krishna is so  unique that
it is similar to those  clouds  that  are  referred by poets for several 
thousands of years. We can quench *all* our thirst  with
the darsanam of this thirumEni.

 	"kArmEni" is referring to the clouds that gives us rains.
The Clouds are always  compared  to  a  very holy entity as they 
only give  what they  have and  become "nothing" in  themselves. 
Just as similar to a  "deepam"  giving  "OLi"  or light to us by 
self  destroying itself the  clouds   nullify  its existence  by 
giving  all  the  water  they contain in themselves.  As similar 
to that  our  Lord  Sri Krishna  doesnot expect any return  from 
us the jivAtmAs. But HE offer all HIS "love" for us with HIS own
siddham and help us thrive in this boolOgam and as well as   HIS 
"dasa" eternally in Srivaikundam. ie, this  "thiru  mEni"  is  a 
"ubakarikkum thiru mEni". or the "thiru mEni" is a helping thiru
mEni as similar to the clouds.

Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam 
Sampath Rengarajan

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