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Adyayana Utsavam in Chicago (24 Dec 98 - 01 Jan 99)

From: Dan Pattangi (
Date: Sat Jan 09 1999 - 16:34:12 PST

The following note is from my father (Sri VP Srinivasa Varadan)
visiting from India.

     The adhyayana Utsavam celebrated at Sri Venkateswara Temple,
Arora between 24th December to 1st January 1999 was an
unique occasion, I was blessed to attend. Though the
Utsavam was conducted for eight days as against the
traditional twenty one days, all the essentials of the
Utsavam were meticulously observed. The Pagal Pathu
with recitation of first 2000 verses of Nalayeram, the
Rappathu with recitaion of Thiruvaimozi and the Alwar
thiruvadi thozal and the recitation of Earppa and 
Ramanusa Noorranthadi on the last day were befittingly
arranged. The invocation with Guruparampara Thyanam
and Nysa Dasakam both in the morning and in the 
evening session was appropriate to be emulated.

     The arrangement of placing Perumal with Ubaya
Nachimars and Nammalvar, Emberumanar and Swami Desikan
in the Utsava Mandapam was as if in any Divya Desam
at South India. The special pushpa alankaram everyday
by Mrs Chitra Madhavan and the Mohini alankaram and
Vaikuntanathar alankaram made by Archakas (Preist Jaganathachari)
virtually captivated the devotees. The procession
of Lord in the morning and in the close of the day
with chanting of Veda Ghosham provided the devotees 
the opportunity to witness and enjoy the festival.

     During the Adhyayana Utsavam, the Lord hear the
Nalayera Divya Prabhandams of Alwars in the company of
His Consorts and all the Alwars and Acharyas. During this
festival no other festival or any other activity is conducted.
Thus the exclusiveness of this festival. The celebra-
tion enhances the prestige of the Temple in as much as 
the Temple is qualified for the noted Ehis (Jeeyars)
and Acharya Purushas will be inclined to partake 
ThirthaPrasadams. The presence of Nammalwar and Bhagvad Ramanuja
in the temple is testified by the celebration of Adyayana Utsavam.
The Special Kanthi or Brightness with smile (punmuruval)
after witnessing  the Ghoshti and hearing the lucid 
prabhandams was conspicously noticed in the face of the
Lord by most of the Rasikas who participated in the Utsavam. 
Knowing the significance of the Utavam, devotees from 
far flung areas like 
Denver (SS Srinivas Varadan, SS Mohan Sagar and Mrs Madhuri Sagar) 
Ralli, North Carolina (Sri Ramesh Sarangapani)
California, SF (Sri Mani Varadarajan), 
Detriot (Sri Sampath Rangarajan and Family)
Milwaukee (Sri Sriram and Mrs Manju Sriram)
Sri VenuGopal swami and sri Govindarajan Swami 
attended the utsavam and participated in the Ghoshti.

Having come from New Delhi, I did not expect that the
adyayana Utsavam will take place with the attendance
of such devoted Adhikaris in large number. The recitation 
of pasurams was of very high order which one can notice
at special DivyaDesams in South India.

My earnest wish and prayer to Lord Sri Venkateshwara is to
bless such festivals to be a regular feature with more and more

Special thanks to SS Raghavan, Krishanmachari, Ranganathan
and others in Chicago who have taken the initiative and
interest in organizing the utsavam.

Thanks to the Ladies who organized the prasadams to Lord and
also to all Bhagavatas on all days.

VP Srinivasa Varadan.
Native of Kancheepuram.