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Srimathi Krishnamachari's Postings

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Jan 07 1999 - 08:24:57 PST

Dear BhakthAs :

Today's posting by Srimathi Kalyani Krishnamachari 
on the NaacchiyAr Thirumozhi paasuram is simply superb 
with the inclusion of excerpts from PeriyavAcchAn PiLlai's (PVP)
VyaakhyAnam . My part is minimal since I wrote in Tamil
the meanings of the Paasurmas including the commentaries on
Taniyans and an introduction . Even that came to 145 pages.
What Srimathi KrishnamachAri has done through her reverence
for ANDAL is to translate that monograph , paasurma by Paasurma 
in to English and add excerpts for key passages of the Paasurmas
from PVP Commentary . This is indeed a great service . It is my 
pleasure to thank Sri mani Varadarajan for archiving these postings 
in Sri VaishNavA home page (
for the benefit of all . 

I wish Srimathi Krishnamachari continued success with this 
Kaimkaryam. With Sri Sampath rengarajan's detailed postigns 
on the individual paasurams of Thriuvaimozhi , we will be having 
access to the profound anubhavams of our ThAyAr , ANDAL 
"on-demand ".Computer language aside , this will be a treasured 
experience , since ANDAL stands in a class by Herself as 
the consort of the Lord among the group of  AzhwArs . As Parakala 
and ParAnkusa Nayaki , Kaliyan and NammAzhwAr vied to get
a taste of the anubhavam ; Swami Sri Desikan also competed 
for that anubhavam as Venakata Naayaki in his Achyutha 
Sathakam . NammAzhwAr's anubhavams in samsLEsham and VislEsham 
have been recorded beautifully by Sri MadhavkkaNNan in his gigantic
task of bringing Thiruvaimozhi within the reach of those , who
have no opportunity to read and enjoy it in its original 
Tamil text . He has gone on with the Naanmukhan ThiruvanthAdhi .

Looking forward, such Kaimkaryams including the one of
making the entire text of Divy prabhandham available to 
all of us with the help of Srimans Dileepan , Rengarajan , 
Badri Seshadri and other volunterrs are most welcome ones 
to get acquainted with the source granthams . Similar efforts
to translate and comment in English of the Sri Sookthis of 
AchAryAs in Sanskrit by Sri Anbil Swami (RTS ) , Sri Sunder (Purusha
Sooktham ) and myself are in the same vein to make accessible 
the invaluable granthams for one and all and particularly 
to thsoe , who very much want to know about our revered
sampradhAyam , especially in these days , when there is 
a resurgence in interest to know more about them .

I have a request to make to Sriman T.A.Varadhan of Denver .
He is a very knowledgable student of Divya Prabhandhams and 
PVP VyAkhAyanams .He is also very much involved as one
of the key ,members of Thondar Kulam to release the PVP
and Iidu Commentaries . I would like to request him to
write about the most important " KaNNInuNN SiRutthAmpu "
paasurams of Madhura Kavi AzhwAr , who had lived his
life celebrating his AchAryan , NammAzhwAr . Those Paasurams
are the ones that got us blessed with the Divya Prabhandhams
as a result of the tapas of AchArya Nathamuni .I am sure that 
such postings including meaning and PVP & other VykhyAnams
would be a treasure for us all.

With NaarAyaNa SmaraNam ,
AdiyEn , Sadagopan