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Re: Digest bhakti.v003.n220

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Jan 06 1999 - 09:09:17 PST

Sri Srinivasan of Colorado wrote about the unfortunate
division in the present-day Sri Vaishnava community: 

> Little do we realize that when we
> start our Thiruvaradhanam, we start as "Ramanuja Dhaya Patram", and
> not with what kalai we belong to. If we truly consider Ramanuja as
> our Paramacharya (and i am sure all of us do), why are we restricted
> to following only one kalai.

Dear Srinivasan,

It is true that Sri Ramanuja Sampradaya has splintered
these days.  Instead of recognizing that Ramanuja appointed
many disciples (at least 74) to propagate his philosophy,
some Sri Vaishnavas like to think of only their own "kalai"
or tradition as the true one.  I am sure this was not the
intention of our acharyas.  Thankfully, most members of our
Bhakti List take an inclusive approach to the sampradaya.

Regarding "rAmAnuja dayA pAtram": this sloka is recited by most
Sri Vaishnavas who have Vedanta Desika in their acharya
parampara. By the way, the "rAmAnuja" referred to in this
sloka is not the famous Ramanujacharya who we all know,
but Atreya Ramanuja (Kidambi Appullaar), the maternal uncle
and direct acharya of Vedanta Desika.

Those who have Manavala Maamuni in their parampara
instead recite the verse beginning with "sri sailesa dayA 
pAtram".  Arguments go back and forth as to which verse is 

More recently, followers of Ahobila Matham have also started
reciting a verse in honor of their founder, Adi Van Sathakopa 
Ramanuja Jiyar. This verse begins with "keSavArya kRpA pAtram",
Kesavacharya being the father and acharya of the Sri Sathakopa