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From: sudarshan (
Date: Mon Jan 04 1999 - 10:47:21 PST

Dear members and friends,
Due to administrative reasons I will be unable to utilise this e-mail
account anymore. I am therefore compelled to unsubscribe from the
As and when I am successful in securing for myself another account I will
Until then it's Bye-bye from me!
My best wishes to all my young and brilliant friends on the list with whom
I have engaged in many pleasant and thought-provoking discussions on the
list and through private mail. I shall always remember you all. 

Amidst your several other occupations and onerous cares in life, please set
apart some time to keep working incessantly at the great works of our
"AchAryA-s"... even if you manage to finish just a few stotrA-s or a few
"upa-purAnA-s" in a whole year! 

Do not be afraid to use your own head to understand them... and learn to
cherish it all at a simple,contemporary and immediately individual level
too. To imbibe and to be able to delight in the riches of our
"sampradAy-ic" literature it is not always mandatory that you should
transport yourself in a time-machine back to the 7th or 10th century CE!
You can with a little effort of imagination learn to enjoy the Azhwars or
Desikan, the poet-philosopher, in the manner and idiom of the present day

Do not let lack of knowledge of Sanskrit or Tamil daunt you... try and make
do with rough translations and use your God-given imagination to appreciate
the wonderful ideas behind the mere word.... Remember you CANNOT really
make very big mistakes in arriving at an intuitive understanding of the
works of our great Masters. You might get a phrase or a passage wrong here
and there... but the wonderful conceptions they seek to convey to you will,
by and by, by themselves become clear to you... and when that happens you
will be smothered in the warmth of their embrace... an "AchAryan's"
Grace-bestowing embrace, indeed! 
Here's wishing you all a great 1999.... and happy "posting" too!

adiyEn dAsAnu-dAsan,