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Sri Sampath Rangarajan's Tiruppavai Postings
Date: Sun Jan 03 1999 - 09:42:35 PST

Dear Bhagavatas,

As Margazhi began, the whole country was pummeled by torrential seasonal
rains, and storms. But, we Bhagavatas, had a different downpour of a pleasant

Naachiyaar in the fourth Pasuram of her Tiruppavai blends picturesquely the
scientific phenomenon of merciful rains with the weapons of the Lord thus-
"Aazhiyul Pukku Mugarndu Kodaartheri, Oozhi Mudalvan Uruvam Pol Mei Karuthu,
Paazhiyam Tholudai Padmanabhan Kaiyil, Aazhi Pol Minni, Valampuri Pol Ninru
Adhirndhu, Thaazhhade Saarngam Udaitha Sara Mazhai Pol,  Vaazha Ulaginil
Like the rays of the Sun penetrating deep into the depths of the ocean and
lifting the water therefrom, and appearing in the sky with dark rain bearing
clouds., illuminating like the lightning blaze of the Lord's disc, thundering
like the roaring Sunaadham emanating from the Lord's conch and like the
ceaseless darts of arrows issuing forth from the Saaranga Dhanus of the Lord,
she asks the rains to fall on us not destructively but for the welfare of the

We are reminded of this scene while reading the postings of our dear Sri
Sampath Rangarajan with which he has been flooding us of his Swanubhavams
filled with meaningful meanings of the Sanga Tamizh expressions of Naachiyaar
in his own unique and inimitable style.

He presented his previous Part # 25 on the last day of 1998 and we have been
eagerly waiting for the further postings. I would earnestly request him to
complete the rest of the Pasuram # 1 of Tiruppavai in the next few days to
come and continue with the other 29 Pasurams as well in the weeks to come and
in the words of Naachiyaar plead with him "Vaazha Ulaginil Peidaai"

I look forward to his delineation of the entire Divya Prabhandam (the Tamil
Vedam) with his unique scholarship in Tamil language and literature, even if
it should take several months. In this, I feel that I am reciprocating the
sentiments of all Bhagavatas in the list and the net.
Anbil Ramaswamy