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Date: Sat Jan 31 1998 - 00:50:05 PST

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

	In the next decad 2.6, our AzhwAr sings pAsurams to remove the doubts of
Emperumaan as to if the AzhwAr would leave Him later, and what to do then.

1.Oh Paramapadha nathanE! The Blue Coloured Lord! My beautiful VaamanA! The
One who tastes the sweet nectar everyday at all times in my heart! The Lion
of dEvAs! KundhA! (one of Lord's names is kundhan), the One who troubles
asurAs to remove the troubles of bhAgavathALs'; I have caught You firmly
and tightly and I will never let it slip out.

2.The Most Beautiful Lord, my Emperumaan without leaving a single little
space has captured all worlds in His stomach; the One who has swallowed
everything, now has entered into my mind; the knowledge, the light
personified is He! He is the most sweetest nectar to me! He is not seeing
anywhere; (HE IS LOOKING ONLY AT ME- says AzhwAr)

(There is an interesting anecdote: Once AlavandhAr (Grandson of Sri
Nathamuni)  was informed by his AchAryA MaNakkAl nambhi that there is a
rahasya vishEsham with kurugaikkAvalappan, the disciple of Sri Natha muni.
Hence, AlavandhAr went to ChOzhapuram where kurugaikkaavalappan was in his
trance, (yOga). Not to disturb him, AlavandhAr went behind him and was
waiting. Immediately kurugaikkaavalappan opened his eyes and asked if
anyone from the lineage of "sottai kulam" is here (the lineage of Sri Natha
muni is "sottai kulam"). AlavandhAr came from behind and said "adiyEn"; but
how did you find out?". Kurugaikkaavalappan said smilingly " the moment you
hid behind me, my Emperumaan, KaNNan pushed my head down and wished to look
at you and refused to listen to my words and prayer; It is possible only
for those belonging to "sottai kulam". 
(what a parama bhagAvathALs and How great is our Lord longing to see such
BhagavathALs! )- This statement from AzhwAr saying that He is looking at me
only reminded me of that story;

3.Oh EmperumaanE! You, the Red Lotus eyes Lord,  are the Chief of dEvAs !
the One who wears the Most Fragrant thuLasi garland! You are the mountain
of Gold! I had approached You; You granted me the Greatest Joy of praying
to You with total complete bhakti. You granted me the ability to sing
pAsurams with my tongue about Your Glories; How great You are and How
merciful You are! 

4. MadhusoodhanA! Oh mountain of Maragadham (sapphire)! You granted me a
state of mind to keep longing for You and think of You only and reject
everything else; My Father! I will never leave You at anytime; I have
immersed myself in a Big flood of Glorious attributes of Yours and have
sung and danced in it; I have gotten rid of all my diseases from this body
and obtained salvation. Hence, I will NEVER EVER LEAVE YOU, LORD!

5.My Father! I have obtained salvation by thinking about You always; I have
learnt the nature of my athmA and have found the difference from others'
thinking of the same; Hence, I have been granted by You the servitude to
perform kainkaryam at Your feet with You as my Lord! Thus, the sins accrued
over the ages due to my past karmaas could be destroyed; Hereafter, I will
NEVER EVER LEAVE YOU. What GREAT Help You have done to me , my Lord, the
One who sleeps on the AdhisEshA! I will always THINK OF YOU, LORD.

6.BhagawaanE! the One who ripped open hiraNyan and killed him! Having
thought of You always,- Having sung about Your most auspicious attributes
always,- my past sins have been removed completely. You are so merciful;
Aren't You? What can NOT BE done with Your mercy, my Lord?

7.Emperumaan- the One who ate and protected the seven lOkAs willingly
entered into my heart. Hereafter, He will never leave me also; Hence, with
His mercy, there is NOTHING which I can NOT do. Seven births upwards and
downwards- all my relatives will get rid of their sins and escape going to

8.My Father! The One who rides on the GarudA and turns the flock of asurAs
into ashes! After taking so many different various births, finally I have
obtained clarity in my mind and reached the abode of Your Feet; I have been
immersing myself again and again in the FLOOD of endless MERCY and dayA.
Hereafter, You can NOT leave me.

9.My Father! The One who stands at the Cold TiruvEngada mountain! The One
who destroyed Sri LankA! The One who is capable of sending the arrow
through seven trees! The One who wears the ThirutthuzhAy (thuLasi)
garlands! You, the sweetest Nectar, have mixed Yourself completely with me.
The Chief of dEvAs! Where else can You go now?

10.the Past- the Present and the Future- at all times, You have been my
mother, my father, my Jeevan (life); I have reached You; I WILL NEVER EVER
LEAVE YOU; You are the Chief of all worlds; the Primordial Chief! ParamanE!
EmperumaanE! The One who resides at Cool ThiruvEnghada mountain; the One
who wears the most fragrant thuLasi maalai;  HEREAFTER, I WILL NOT LEAVE

11.Emperumaan- the One who has the Most Fragrant ThuLasi garland in His
head; the One who has the MOST BEAUTIFUL, RED LOTUS, DARK, LARGE EYES.
Thirukkurugoor maaRan, Sri SadagOpan, has sung 1000 pAsurams about such
Lord, Sriman Narayanan and His most auspicious attributes(kalyAna guNAs).
Out of those 1000 pAsurams, those who can read these ten pAsurams will
become the MOST ARDENT DEVOTEES OF Emeprumaan Kesavan and His Divine Feet.

AzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

Narayana dAsan madhavakkannan