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Fwd: Sri Stuthi-7

From: muralidhar rangaswamy (
Date: Thu Jan 29 1998 - 16:19:00 PST

Dear Friends,

Sri Sadagopan provided brilliant insights on verses 11-14 of the 
Sri Stuthi. Since the whole group can benefit from his excellent 
observations, I am sharing his note on this forum.

I had made an error in summarizing verse 12. Sri Sadagopan 
has provided the correct interpretation for this verse. I seek 
forbearance and forgiveness for this lapse of mine. Thanks again 
Sri Sadagopan for catching the error.

Namo Narayana,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy
Dear  Rangaswamy :

Thanks for yet another informative posting on 
the slokams of Sri Sthuthi ( 11 to 14 ) . Each word of 
the slOkams used by Swami Desikan have enormous 
depths of meanings and Vedic Connotations as pointed
out by you . 

Here are a few reflections on this posting :

You mentioned " Uttanga sthana bhaAra refers to the fact that 
she personifies ( on account of her character
and Qualities ) the foremost among women"
The passage : tanvee  tunga sthana Bhara nathA is the 
anvaya kramam , which would benefit from going together. 

Tanvee refers to the slender form of Her ( neevAra 
sUkavadh tanvee) referred to by you .

Her body is slightly bent from Her heavy breasts ,
which is a mark of SaamudrikA LakshaNam .
For the One , who incarnated from Samudhram , the 
SaamudhrikA lakshaNam is only apt . 
Her full breats are tungam ( heavy ) like the slender 
(tanvee) creeper that has difficulty holding its fruit 
without bending . Her breasts are providing sthanyam 
to chaithanyAs as you indicated . Therefore , they are 
for a lofty purpose ( tungam again ! ) . Swami describes
another Uttama VadhU ( ANDAL ) in GOdhA sthuthi
in a similar mannner: " sthana Bhara NathAngee " .

The two breasts of Mahaa Lakshmi , our Supreme
Mother are said to confer Tungathvanm and Parathvam . 
When she is slightly bent from the weight of Her lofty
breasts , She signifies the bent and obdient form 
characterstric of VishNu pathnee or a Uttama VadhU . 
She demonstrates it in Her pristine form ( Aadhi rUpam ) 
already . 

SlOkam 12 : mEru dhanvA yadh brUbhangAth kusuma tanusha:
Kinkara : ---- Here You have indicated that " She ( Parvathi )
who converted the Meru Mountain into a bow , became a victim
of the flowery arrow of ManmathA "

This needs to be changed  somewhat : Meru dhanvA = Lord 
SivA , who used the Meru mountain as His bow as Tripura 
SamhAran , Yadh BhrU bahanghAth= by which knitting of
the brows ( puruva neRippAl) , Kusuma Dhanusha:= to 
ManmathA with flowers as his arrows , Kinkara: =( sivA) becomes 
the servant ( of the above described ManmathA )   .This means 
then that Lord Siva with Meru mountain as his bow became 
totally under the control of the knitted eye brows ( SamgyA )
of his dear consort , Parvathi . 

asou parinathi: tvadheeyai: Bhava lEsai: -- AasamasAram vithathamakilam 
vanghmayam yadh VibhUthi : ( Sarasvathi becoming the mistress 
of all the words arising since Creation ) , SivA becoming the servant
of ManmathA ( being under his sway ) , IndrA's total absorbtion 
with the beauty of IndrANI , all of this perfect state ( asou PariNithi: 
are a result of the smallest portion of  Your sankalpam ( Tvadheeyai:
Bhava lEsai : Samutthitham ) . All the three Devis , Saraswathi, 
and IndrANi ., are kinkarees of Sri MahA Lakshmee  as indicated 
by AlavandhAr : BrahmEsAhi Sura Vraja: sadayitha: tvadh Daasa 
Daasee gaNA : " . They are under the adheenam of Periya Pratti .
Her Sanklapam , that too a small portion of Her sankalpam 
leads to this result of Her sway over them all . " Dasee-
bhUtha samastha deva vanithAm " quoted at 
the end of your posting is related to the concept
covered by this slOkam .  

The 13 th slOkam is a beautiful one that is dedicated to 
AbhishEkavalli ThAyAr of ThirukkaNNa mangai .
The rasam of  the great Couds ( Pushkalam and Avarthakam )  
showering water copiously reminds one of the raining of flowers 
to perform Thirumanjana Kaimkaryam . The showers from 
the four great mega rAsis have the power to cover
essentially the whole world with their down pour like
the flowers falling from the trees cover the ground 
from sight . It is pUmAri ponRa neer perukku . 

The 14 th slOkam has been described beautifully by you 
thru connection to SaraNAgathi in the last paragraph 
The Amruthavalli , who resored the lost riches of DevAs
due to DurvAs 's curse has been saluted by you very well .

Thanks for this Kaimkaryam related to our Supreme Mother ,

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