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Additional Aspects of SrI hayagrIva stotram.

From: Krishnamachari (
Date: Thu Jan 29 1998 - 13:15:24 PST

Dear BgAgavatottama-s:

I received the following kind personal note from Sri Muralidhar Rangaswamy giving some addtional insights on svAmi deSikan's SrI hayagrIva stotram which I had not realized.  I am sharing it with the rest of the Forum because of the valuable information contained therein.

-dAsan kr*shNamAcAryan 

Dear Sri Krishnamachari,

Thank you very much for an excellent summary of the important aspects 
of the Hayagriva Stotram. Bhagavan Hayagriva is the Aradhana Murthy 
of Srimad Paundarikapuram Ashramam and Sri Parakala Matham. 
Srimad Paundarikapuram Ashramam houses the idol of Bhagavan Hayagriva 
received at Tirupati by Sri Ramanujacharya, while Sri Parakala Matham 
has the idol of Bhagavan Hayagriva received by Swami Desikan as the 
blessing of Garuda Bhagavan. Both idols are beautiful to behold. 
During a recent visit to India, I was able to see from less than 
one foot the Aradhana Murthy of Srimad Paundarikapuram Ashramam.
Please visit the Ashramam's Desikan Sannidhi and have a Darshanam of 
the Hayagriva Vigraham. It is an extremely gratifying and glorious 
sight. One more aspect of Bhagavan Hayagriva is the PraNava Swaroopam 
form glorified in verses 11-14 and verse 15 refers to the benefits 
of contemplating on the PraNava Swaroopam form. The Hayagriva Mantram 
succinctly contains all the aspects stated in your note as well as 
the PraNava Swaroopam. Not all are privy to the Hayagriva Mantram. 
Therefore, Swami Desikan out of compassion for those who do not have the 
MantrOpadesham, composed the Hayagriva Stotram so that they 
may receive the Anugraham of Bhagavan Hayagriva by reciting the 

Acharyan Tiruvadigale SharaNam

Best Wishes,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy