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Vishnu Sahasranam Virat Parayanam.

From: P.B.Anand (
Date: Thu Jan 29 1998 - 05:41:31 PST

Dear Bhagavathas :

Recent discussions about Vishnu sahasra nama stotra and its parayanam 
remind me of this. Under the leadership and guidance of Sri Sri Sri Tridandi 
(Chinna) Sreemannarayana Jeear Swamy, every year (since 1994) on the 
Bhishma Ekadasi day 'Vishwa Shanti Vishnu Sahasranam Virat Parayanam' 
function has been taking place. The first year i.e 1994, it was held in 
the PWD Grounds in Vijayawada in Andhra PRadesh in which about one lakh 
people participated and chanted the stotra in one voice. (The news papers 
following day carried numerous pictures).

In January 1996, it was held in Madras in the Marina Beach (seerani arangam) 
and about 70,000 people are estimated to have participated. This year, 
I learn the function will take place in Guntur in Andhra PRadesh. 
In this chanting no restriction is placed for participation and people 
(both men and women) from all walks of life  have been participating.

I hope this news is of some interest.

P.B. Anand