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Thiruvaaimozhi 2.5- He has joined me! He is LOTUS PERSONIFIED!!

From: V.Madhavakkannan (
Date: Wed Jan 28 1998 - 18:56:15 PST

Dearest sisters and brothers,

	In 2.4, Paraangusa naayagi's mother appealed to the Lord to save
her daughter who has been languishing. THE LORD IMMEDIATELY APPEARS TO HAVE
TAKEN CARE OF THE DAUGHTER! (That's why I did not wish to delay this post!
when Lord has acted so fast, let us enjoy the AzhwAr's anubhavam of Lord's
action equally faster!!) azhwAr in this decad is at a total loss of words
to describe the sowlabhyam of the Lord to come to him and join him and the
LORD'S BEAUTY that he has seen!

1.What shall I say for the Beauty of my Emperumaan, my Lord! He has shown
me His love and affection towards me (that are meant for Nitya sUris of
paramapadham). He, the One who has united with my Jeevan, is showing
Himself adorned with the Most Beautiful garlands, crown, conch, chakrA,
upaveedham, the pearl necklace etc.. His Divine eyes are like the ponds in
which BEAUTIFUL two red lotuses have just bloomed! His red mouth is like
the Beautiful Red Lotus ITSELF! His two feet are also the Red Lotuses! His
whole divine body (thirumEni) is the shining Gold! What a Beauty is HE!
(aiyO! ivan azhaghenna azhiyaa azhagudaiyaan- kamban)

2.My father, the Lord, has got the most beautiful body like that of the
sun. His eyes are red lotuses; His hands are red lotuses; His chest is the
residence of Piraatti; His Lotus navel is the place of brahmaa; the
remaining part of His body is the residence of sivan; Such an Emperumaan
has joined and mixed Himeself with me leaving no space in me! what a
sowlabhyan is He! How great is He!

3.The One who has mixed Himself with me is like a mountain of lustrous
shining lightning; His coral lips, mouth are like Red lotuses; His Divine
eyes, thiruvadi, (long) hands are also Lotus flowers; the seven lOkAs
(worlds) are in His stomach; Hence, there is nothing which is not in Him;

4.He, the One who is the Chief of everything, and is mixed in them, is like
the sapphire mountain (maragadha malai); His eyes are like the Lotus
flowers which have JUST BLOOMED last second! His Divine Feet, Hands are
also Lotus Flowers; He is like THE SWEETEST NECTAR to me at all
times.(everyday, everytime for all months, years and births and praLayams)

5.My Lord, KaNNan has joined with me, my AthmA as the sweetest nectar; The
Darkest Clouds, He, has the Divine lips, which is NOT EVEN COMPARABLE to
Red Corals (means superior to red coral); His Divine Eyes, hands, Feet are
NOT EVEN COMAPARABLE to Red Lotuses; He has long curly dark beautiful hairs
on His head and has adorned Himself with a waist band (araijnAN) and other

6.If one thinks of Him, the One who sleeps on the AdhiseshA, then His
Auspicious attributes, His "aabharaNangaL" are innumerable; (means the
attributes are also His jewellery which adorn Him); His names are
innumerable; His lustrous shining bodies are innumerable; the enjoyment
(which we get) from Him by seeing, eating, hearing, touching and smelling
is also uncountable; the knowledge is innumerable;      

7.Emperumaan is like a Strongest Bull; He is the One who wears the Most
Fragrant ThirutthuzhaaY (ThuLasi) garland in His head; He has lied down and
is having His yOga nithrA on the AdhisEshA; He fought and killed the seven
oxen for uniting with the Beautiful Nappinnai Piraatti; He sent His arrow
through the seven trees and made holes in it (while He was tested by
sugreeva during RaamAvathAr)

8.My  Lord, the One who has the Loveliest hair and Crown, is a Lion;
(seeriya singham- AndAL); the Four Shouldered Lord- there is no limit for
His guNAs, Where is the end for talking about His nature? Without having
any discimination, (in spite of my lowest nature), He has stayed in me and
has united with me; To pray to Him and to talk about His such GREATEST
NATURE, there is no word and no end in description; How can I capture the
description and narrating  ABOUT HIM in words! (Impossible!)

about My Lord; Mt AhthmA'a AthmA, the unbounded, limitless, Black Emerald,
My Lord- pay obeisance to Him; He is SO SWEET like NECTAR, He is the CHIEF
OF MIKSHA ULAGAM and can not be attained so EASILY(except with your
surrender unto Him); He has the Most Fragrant smell of alli flowers; He is
neither masculine nor feminine;

10.My Lord is neither masculine; nor feminine; not even
napumsakan(in-between); He can not be seen by eyes; BUT CAN BE SEEN BY
BHAGAVATHALS. and CAN NOT be seen by those who are NOT; (sisters and
brothers, this statement of AzhwAr has made me so much remorse with tears
for I have NOT been able to see Him- and hence I am NOT a BhAgavathA. I am
only having a veLi vEsham - Is there any redemption for me, dear ones!). 
He appears in a form in which we want Him to appear. He can be NOT IN THAT
Lord is the Strongest and the Greatest.

11.Even vEdAs can not tell completely even a single of attribute(guNA) of
His; Our kurugoor sadagOpan has sung 1000 pAsurams about such Lord; Those
who sing(or read) these ten (out of those 1000) pasurams WILL DEFINITELY

AzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

Narayana dAsan madhavakkannan