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Thanks to Sri MuraLi for correcting

From: V.Madhavakkannan (
Date: Wed Jan 28 1998 - 17:20:01 PST

Dearest sisters and brothers,
In Thiruvaaimozhi 2.4.2 though I had written that kaNNan plucked the 1000
shoulders of vaaNaasurA, I wrote within parantheses that kaNNan kileed
vaaNAsurA which is not correct- as explained beautifully bu Sri MuraLi
below. I am sorry for the mistake. May be when I wrote asurA,
subconsciously in my mind, I wanted kaNNan to kill the asurA.- I did not
know the asurA's lineage- Sorry again. 

thanks a LOT , Sri MuraLi for your good words spoken about the posts. There
are many who write such appreciations. recently Sri Vijai Triplicane too
sent me a pat on my back. It makes me well with tears in my eyes when
parama bhagavathAs and learned
scholars of this group like you write and praise the blabberings of mine.
It is the
inspiration from all other excellent posts (What depths of information and
rasikhyam of posts on saint ThyagarajA's kritis by Sri Sadagopan, the info
from Sri Anand, the practical reality of Srirangam by Sri keshav dAs, the
personal prayer post from Smt Viji raghunAthan!)
 I can not match even a millionth of essence of these posts. It is like the
elders clapping a kid's
"mazhalai blabber" just because it is their kid. It is Sriman Narayanan's
grace that
makes them likeable by bhAgavathALs.

thanks again everybody.  

Warm Regards

Narayana dAsan madhavakkannan
Dearest Sriman Kannan,

Thanks again for sharing the outpourings of the Azhwar as the mother 
of ParAnkusha Nayaki. The summary of verses 2.3 and 2.4 was brilliant. 
Indeed when one reads writings like yours coming forth from intense 
Anubhavam of the work of the Azhwar, one is transported literally to 
Sri Vaikuntam. This happens unconsicously in front of the computer 

In verse 2 of the summary below, you mention that Lord Krishna 
killed Banasura to rescue his grandson from the Asura's prison. 
I think Lord Krishna maimed him of his 1000 arms but spared his 
life since the Asura was Mahabali's grandson. Also since the 
Asura belonged to the ineage of Prahlada which had been assured of 
constant protection by the Lord, he was spared. A third reason is 
the request of Lord Shiva (who went to war with the Lord since he 
had promised Banasura unconditional support, but was easily defeated
by Lord Krishna).

Namo Narayana,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy