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Sri Desika Stotramala

From: M Srinivasan (
Date: Wed Jan 28 1998 - 09:11:08 PST

Although I have recited the HayagrIva stotram of Swami Desikan and have read Sri Vangeepuram Swami's enchanting Tamil commentary, I have not had the anubhavam of looking at it from the perspective given in the recent posting by Sri. Krishnamachari. We have been blessed also to have Sri. V. Sadagopan post his translations and commentaries on Desika Stotrams and Desika Prabhandams. Postings of just the straight translations of similar works alone is of great benefit to us. And commentaries like the above posting on the HayagrIva Stotram and the previous ones on Adaikkalappattu make us delve deeper into such noble minds of our Acharyas. It is my prayer that by Perumal's  Grace, Srimans V. Sadagopan and Sri. Krishnamachari should continue to post similar commentaries on other Desika Stotrams and the Desika Prabandams.
dasan Srinivasan