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Thiruvaaimozhi 2.4- my daughter has been languishing, Oh Lord!

From: V.Madhavakkannan (
Date: Wed Jan 28 1998 - 01:21:56 PST

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,
	After having had an exquisite Bhagavath anubhavam, our AzhwAr has
again entered into the "separation" disease. (The Lord has deserted him!) .
Now,, AzhwAr sings as if the mother of paraangusa Nayaki addresses the
Lord. It is a real, beautiful narration of a mother looking at her daughter
remorse with tears and melting with a complete thinking about Sriman

1.My daughter, the one who has a shining face, is now even unable to stand
at one place and has been restless. Her heart has been melting and her eyes
and cheeks are full of tears and has been singing of Him. She has been
searching for Him desperately at all places and has been calling
"NarasimhA! NarasimhA!" She has been weltering that Lord NarasimhA
immediately arrived for PrahlAdA while He never comes for her at all.

2.Oh EmperumaanE! the One who plucked the thousand shoulders of vaaNAsuran
(KaNNan to get His grandson Aniruddhan married to Ushai, killed
vaaNAsuran). My beautiful girl is so foolish and wishes to see you and has
been languishing. But You are not blessing her with Your darshan and You do
not wish it appears!

3.My daughter who has been really thinking of You at all times and is
suffering, is a soft and kind hearted girl. Like the wax melting just at
the sight of fire, she has also been melting thinking of You, Dear Lord!
You are NOT KIND HEARTED and You ahve deserted her in this sorry state and
made her suffer. The One who could cross the Ocean and destroyed rAvaNA; Is
it difficult for Him to do something for this girl? 

4.My daughter has been calling You as "Oh Destroyer of lankaa!" and then
addressing You as" the One who hoisted the GarudA flag after success!". Her
mind is totally restless and has been exhaling hot air like fire(due to
viragha thaapam). She has been praying foolishly with folded hands and
tears continuously rolling down her cheeks all the time.

5. For days and nights, my daughter has been blabbering about You only. Her
beautiful flower like eyes are full of tears. Can You not give her Your
fragrant thuLasi garland? What nature of heart You have for not giving such
a garland to this poor girl, who has been languishing days and nights and
for giving to the bees!

6.Her entire heart appears to be melting into a complete liquid state and
has been calling You as "aruLaaLA! aruLaaLA!" (merciful Lord!). She has
also been saying as "The One who is the bhOgyam for her athmaa!".

7.She has been hiding from me her love for You; She is thinking of You
always and that appears to be even drying her jeevan completely with her
suffering. She has been calling You "kaNNA! the One who sleep on the Milky
Ocean!". She has even been thinking of Your bed as her possession (So much
of languishing from Love for You, Lord!)

8.The One who killed kamsA! My daughter has been calling You as "The One
who captured her and cheated by His Actions and auspicious attributes
(kalyANa guNAs)!". She sighs heavily with hot air and has been welling with
tears in her eyes; She prays to You with folded hands always; Due to having
You as the Only redemption, she has been suffering tremendously; (Should
You not help her join You? Why should You trouble this poor girl?)

9.The One who has the Most Powerful, lustrous, shining chakrAyudhA! My
daughter has been totally oblivious of dawns and dusks and has been
suffering miserably thinking of You always; Always she has been desirous of
having the fragrant ThuLasi maalai of Yours; what exactly is Your thinking
of this poor pitiable innocent girl ? 

10.Oh EmeprumaanE, the One who captured and destroyed the lankA! My
daughter, the innocent girl, is always in tears; She has been crying day
and night thinking of You and been suffering from the pangs of separation
from You, Lord! Please do NOT let her youthful, beautiful, eyes (eyes like
those of deer) lose its beauty and shine; (Since others can get salvation
from her eyesight - means She is the BhAgavathA and her kataaksham can
bring salvation to many others- Do not spoil that- What an imagination and

11.Sri SadagOpar has sung 1000 pAsurams about the Blemishless Vaamanan. Out
of those 1000, those who sing these ten pasurams (or its meanings) can get
the bhAgyam of performing the kainkaryam of adorning the Lord's Lotus Feet
with a fragrant garland of these 10 pAsurams.

AzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

Narayana dAsan madhavakkannan