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Re: Men-Women difference

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Tue Jan 27 1998 - 21:11:11 PST

> Recently  a friend of mine
> asked me the reasons for keeping Thayyar on rightside of SRimaNNarayana
> the altar and Padmavathi Devi on the rightside of Sri Venkateswara. 
> marriage and after walking seven steps around Agnihotram, it is customary
> for the bride to sit on left side of bridegroom and during Kalyanotsavam
> etc. it is also (I think) it is customary for the wife to sit on left
> of the husband.  The reason by friend gave me was that the right hand
> to be free for doing Achamanam, puja etc.  Could one of the learned
> of this group explain and clarify my ignorance.
> Ramanuja Dasan
> Ramagopal 

>From what I have observed at traditional Tamizh SriVaishnava wedding
cermonies, including my own, the situation is actually the reverse.  The
bride sits on the right side of her groom throughout the entire ceremony,
including the jAnavAsam.  

I was told that ThAyAr sits to Perumal's right because she is the
sahadharmachArinee to Perumal, assisting Him in all His Actions.

If I understand correctly, the practice of the bride's standing to the left
of the groom came about originally through the kingly communities, who in
history and myth are known to have held their sword in their right hands,
defending the honor of their lady.  This practice has been adopted by some
Brahmin communities, but as far as I know, is not the practice among ours.