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[Fwd: Request]

From: Shree (
Date: Mon Jan 26 1998 - 14:53:00 PST


I did not see this appear on the bhakti-list, so am
forwarding it. In case I had missed it and this is a
re-post, I apologise.


attached mail follows:

Dear Mani:

I would appreciate it if you could forward my request to the Bhakti
list for any volunteer(s) to ITRANS-encode the Brahma Suutra as given
by Sri Ramanuja.  As you are aware, the exact numbers of Suutra-s as
given by Acharya-s Shankara, Ramanuja, and Madhva are 555, 545, and
564 respectively, which means that we have slightly differing versions
of the Brahma Suutra corresponding to each.  An ITRANS encoding of the
Shankara version is presently available, and one according to Madhva
is under preparation.  It would help if any volunteers having at least
a passing familiarity with ITRANS could volunteer to encode the
remaining version.

Any interested person(s) to send mail to me and/or to to
proceed further.


Shrisha Rao