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Stotram and doubt

From: Kalyani Krishnamachari (
Date: Mon Jan 26 1998 - 11:47:26 PST

Namaskarams!  Thanks to everyone who responded to my question on "prayer to

Particularly enjoyed the following line:

> PerumAL would realize this and try to induce the 'ruchi' in her someway
> other. 

PerumAl is doing HIS best to induce this 'ruchi' in one such mother.
She is left absolutely amazed at the wealth of our prabandhams. She is now
a 'ruchi kanda poonai' after the stupendous success of the adhyayana
utsavam held in Aurora temple (in Illinois) 4 weeks back (thanks to the 
initiation of Sri R. Raghavan and the burst of enthusiasm shown by many 
bhAgavathas).  After a five day utsavam, there was an excellent talk on 
AzhwArs by Prof. RAmarAjan, a great Tamil scholar (and the uncle of 
our "vArthaimAlai" M.G. Srinivasan).  The prabandha gOshti chanting (and the 
cooking for the bhagavatas) has left this mother mesmerized, especially with 
lines like "nINdavAgiya akkaNgal ennai pEdaimai seydanave", 'nIla mEni ayyo",
"kidandavArezhundirundu pEsu vAzhi kEsava", etc.  Still enchanted,
this mother is trying to organize prabandham practice sessions every
month to prepare for the next successful utsavam.

One question this mother has been having in her mind:  "why didn't she
know all these lines when she visited the SrIrangam perumAl and 
ArAvamudha perumAl so many times in her life? She could have enjoyed 
the anubhavam of the AzhwArs and perumAl better."  

May be the time had not come then. Will catch up soon!

Kalyani Krishnamachari