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ThirumaN SrichoorNam for women

Date: Mon Jan 26 1998 - 03:21:15 PST

dearest Sisters and brothers,
This refers to the question on ThirumaN SrichoorNam for women for which
there is a reply that women can also wear them on their foreheads. I would
like to supplement what was told by Srimad Pondareekapuram Andavan SwamigaL
(while performing prapatti at His Feet). He said that it is imerative for
the Sri VaishNava women too to wear the 12 ThirumaN on their bodies (which
I remembered to have seen in my Grandmother's body). 

This only goes to prove that the better half is in no way inferior (in fact
BETTER only due to their getting half of their husband's puNyam

(in lighter vein: I read in Reader's Digest once: Do not complain your
wife. Had she been better, she would have got a better husband)


Narayana dAsan madhavakkannan