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Re: Vishnu Sahsranamam

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Sun Jan 25 1998 - 14:00:44 PST

As one more data point, a member of our list
sent me this message:

> My interaction with H.H. Srimad Andavan Swamigal of Srimad
> Paundarikapuram Asramam and H.H. Rangapriya Mahadesikan of
> Bangalore tends to support [the recitation of Sri Vishnu
> Sahasranamam by women]. My wife and I were instructed by these
> venerable Yativaras to engage in Nitya PArayanam of Vishnu
> Sahasranamam. And yes the Parayanam has no restrictions of time
> and place.