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Men-Women difference
Date: Sun Jan 25 1998 - 10:54:43 PST

Please pardon me for my ignorance.
Since, there has been an active discussion on the status of women, I
thought this was the best time for me to clear my lack of knowledge, by
putting forth this question.
I understand why "Sri Vaishnava Men" wear the SriChurnam or Thirunamam. If
the Thirunamam signifies the feet of the Lord and Thayar, why is it that
Women wear only the Thilakam (Thayar?) and not the complete Thirunamam. I
would assume that the very act of wearing the Thirunamam, is equivalent to
surrendering to the Lord, so why should wearing it be selective?
Since, I am looking to this group which is slowly and steadily helping me
understand the beauty of SriVaishanavism, I would greatly appreciate if
someone could help me find an answer for the above.