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Thiruvaaimozhi 2.2- The Only Lord is Sriman NarayaNan- The Primordial Chief- Aadhi moolam

From: V.Madhavakkannan (
Date: Fri Jan 23 1998 - 17:02:36 PST

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,
	Here's the second handful of ThirukkaNNanamudhu - Have it and enjoy
with its Ghee overflowing down to the elbow-
After having been terribly caught and trapped in Emperumaan's most
Auspicious attributes (kalyANa guNAs), Azhwar now takes us to the
"parathvam" of Sriman NarayaNan. Azhwar bases on Itihasams (epics) and
purANAs and contemplates on His avataars and narrates His parathvam.Here we

1.The Emperumaan showing all His innumerable auspicious attributes has
captured me- He is the Primordial Chief of all lOkAs(worlds) - ever
existent and ; IT IS CERTAIN that He is the ONLY ONE who can grant us all
including mOksham.During cosmic cycle end, He is the one who keeps the
earth and the sky (the entire Universe) in His stomach and showers mercy on
all beings; He is kaNNan and is the Only One and without whom NO ONE else
can help us.

2.He is the One who can remove all our sins with His grace and mercy. He is
the One who rempoved the sin of Siva when Siva comitted the sin of plucking
one of Brahmaa's heads; He is such a Graceful, Merciful Emperumaaan! That
Male Lion Gopalan- withou Him, who else can shower mercy on ALL BEINGS? It
is a PITY THAT We are wasting OUR TIME having this burden of talking and
reasoning out His parathvam without enjoying and contemplating on His
kalyANa guNAs.(What an anubhavam of our Sweet NammAzhwAr!)

3.He - the Emperumman has got Sivaa, Brahmaa and the Periya Piraatti in His
Beautiful body without any discrimination. He is the One who is worshipped
by all dEvAs. He is the One who took the Great Thrivikrama avathaaram and
measured the entire earth. Is there any Deivam (God) superior to Him OR
EVEN EQUAL ? (Don't even ask)

4.The Emperumaan created Brahmaa in His Lotus- navel in order to let him
create all beings. The One who has allured me with His kalyANa guNAs- Is it
Correct to offer flowers, Garlands, and prayers to somone else and Not my
Sweetheart, Emperumaan? No.

5.The Emeprumaan has got jnAnam, sakthi to create all sentient and
non-sentient beings from His moola prakrithi and HE ALONE IS CAPABLE OF
THIS. He is the Red Lotus eyed Lord who is the Only One capable of creating
dEvAs, too. With His beauty He has stupefied me and Such Emeprumaan ALONE
is the Parathvam. Is there anyone who knows that there is a God superior to
My Emperumaan? Nobody.

6.During the Cosmic Cycle end (PraLaya kaalam) He keeps all beings
(sentients and non-sentients- chEthanAs and achEthanAs) in His stomach
without getting any of these beings cramped or crushed. He has got the
ThirumEni (Divine Body) which is illumined, Bright, lustrous nature full of
jNanam (knowledge) - Such Moorthy of mine, is having His yOga nithraa on
the ThoruppaRkadal(Milky Oecan in Sri Vaikuntam).

7.He is the One who kept all beings in His stomach and all seven lOkAs too,
took care of them and lied down on the small leaf of Banyan tree. Who can
comprehend His Thought and Maya? Who can understand what is in His mind? No
one can- Absolutely NOT.

8.Just by a thought alone He can create everyone including dEvAs and is
capable of that. He is THE ONLY ONE who can keep all in Him without any
disease to all of us and takes care. He is so merciful. He is the Only One
who can do that.

9.His Nature is to protect all beings. That is KaNNan. When He wants to
destroy the Universe, He takes us in Him and protects us. Then, He creates
Brahmaa and delegates to him for creating all of us again (from Him).

10.Sivan, Brahmaa and Indran and all other dEvAs too, prostrate at His
Lotus Feet and pay obeisances and address Him " Oh Robber (of our Hearts)!
Emeprumman! the One who created us and all seven lOkAs!" .

11.The Thrivikraman is the One who meassured the entire Universe in one
step and was hailed for such an act. NammAzhwAr has sung 1000 pasurams on
such Emperumaan and those who read these ten pAsurams (with an
understanding of their meanings) can have NO SINS to their accout and no
blemish at all. (All will be removed by the Lord!)

( Sisters and Brothers, If you have skipped any para, go through again,
read them and understand so that your SINS ARE removed!)

AzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan