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From: Greg Jay (
Date: Fri Jan 23 1998 - 15:06:48 PST

Concerning restrictions on Women and the chanting of Bhagavat Nama Sankirtana.
I agree with what Mani has said. I think this may be mainly a Vadakalai
opinion, correct me if I'm wrong. Also note that some of my best friends
and teachers are Vadkalais. When my wife and I were in Sri Rangam last year
we used to go to chant Visnu Sahasranama with a group of friends and the
men and women both chanted it but the Vadakalai women would avoid chanting
Omkara. I guess this is one of the reasons we like Tenkalai philosophy
better. No offense meant to others.  As foreign (Mleccha? Yavana?
Whatever?) Vaisnavas we find the whole caste by birth thing to be
offensive, racist and bigoted. Sure there are different classes of people
in all societies but how much of that is determined by birth these days
with secular education and other modern factors. We do respect the people
we meet who are very pure in their habits and also have great family

By the way what exactly is the way of thinking towards women. In the
opinion of the list members (with appropriate shastra pramanas) are women a
caste or do women have caste. ie Women brahmins, etc. And if so (barring 3
days a month) why should there be restrictions on them?

janmanaa jaayate shuudrah
karmaNaa jaayate dvijah

Keshava das