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RE: Fact or Fiction

From: Rajagapalan, Murli (
Date: Fri Jan 23 1998 - 11:26:37 PST


Sorry for dwelling too long on the "Fact or Fiction" thread, but here 
is an URL that I accidentally stumbled upon that very much 
corroborates Sri Govidarajan's view.  I urge those interested to read 
this well-written article.

The article refutes the Max-Mullerian theory of the Aryan Invasion by 
quoting from rgvedic scriptural passages, and goes on to prove (claim, 
or any other appropriate word) that the Aryas were indigenous to the 
Indian sub-continent.  (Hey, the author of this article is entitled to 
his opinion just as we are to ours.)

Anyway, for purposes of the "fact or fiction" conversation, this is an 
excerpt from the article of the section entitled  "Discovery of the 
Submerged city of Krishna's Dwaraka."

"The discovery of this city is very significant and a kind of 
clinching evidence in discarding the Aryan invasion as well as its 
proposed date of 1500 BC. Its discovery not only establishes the 
authenticity of Mahabharat war and the main events described in the 
epic, but clinches the traditional antiquity of Mahabharat and 
Ramayana periods. So far the AIT (Aryan Invasion Theory) advocates 
used to either dismiss the Mahabharat epic as a fictional work of a 
highly talented poet or if not fictional would place it around 1000 
BC. But the remains of this submerged city along the coast of Gujarat 
were dated 3000BC to 1500BC. In Mahabharat's Musal Parva, the Dwarka 
is mentioned as being gradually swallowed by the ocean. Krishna had 
forewarned the residents of Dwaraka to vacate the city before the sea 
submerged it. The Sabha Parva gives a detailed account of Krishna's 
flight from Mathura with his followers to Dwaraka to escape continuous 
attacks of Jarasandh's on Mathura and save the lives of its subjects. 
For this reason, Krishna is also known as rnzo@ (ranchhor: one who 
runs away from the battle-field). Dr. S. R. Rao and his team in 1984 - 
88 (Marine Archaeology Unit) undertook an extensive search of this 
city along the coast of Gujarat where the Dwarikadeesh temple stands 
now, and finally they succeeded in unearthing the ruins of this 
submerged city off the Gujarat coast."

Murali Kadambi

Sent:  Thursday, January 22, 1998 7:23 AM
Subject:  Re: Fact or Fiction

A couple of years ago, I read in The Hindu (paper) that Dwarakai was 
under sea in Gujarat state in India.

Also, Saraswathi river, one of the rivers in
Threeveni was in existence. I read an article on "The Hinduism" by an 
author (don't remember the name) wrote about a new theory on Aryan 
Invasion to
India contradicting to the existing theory.

Dr. Siddartha, Director general of
the Hyderabad, A.P, based B.M. Birla Science center said that Rigveda 
related Vedic literature contained accurate and sophisticated 
astronomy pointing to a well settled agrarian and scholastic 
according to studies in 1993.

The book on "SandhyAvandanam" published by Sri. Thillaisthanam Swamy 
Sabha, Bangalore discusses a scientific study of performing 
Sandhyavandanam and
the benefits.