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praying to other deities...

From: Chakravarthy,P (
Date: Fri Jan 23 1998 - 01:21:10 PST

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But, is it wrong if you say slokams for hanumAn or sani if you are 
afflicted by sani (even though in your heart of hearts, you have pledged
allegiance to perumal)? 
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I am reminded of my Grandfathers reasoning that since the NavaGrahas are
at the feet of Shri.Vishnu,praying to them individually would be
superfluous if one prayed to Shriman Narayana.He therefore  recommended
us to recite the Dhasavathara stothram in lieu of the Navagraha
By implication ShriVaishnavas were not expected to circumambulate the
navagrahas and seldom(if ever) do the older Kovils have a Navagraha

I hope this is of some help.
Pradeep Chakravarthy