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Thiruvaaimozhi 2.1- Pangs of Separation form Primordial Chief!

Date: Thu Jan 22 1998 - 05:51:26 PST

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,
	The Thiruvaaimozhi attempt of mine is a Himalayan and a Herculean task and
with no capacity it is only His grace that makes me enable to even take up.
While I was munching the continuation of 2nd patthu onwards, I was thinking
of offering the essences of the decads (meanings only) rather than giving
the full, lengthy ones. That will be like offering a handful of Ghee laden
Hot "akkara vadisal" and stop so that you fell like asking for more of it.
(any suggestion is welcome) . With no knowledge, with only an interest to
write, I am continuing on this. Please bear with me as earlier and accept
my offerings. 

In the First patthu, Nammazhwar explained that the kainkaryam to emperumaan
is the only objective while in the second patthu, he tries to alleviate and
remove the obstacles for performing this kainkaryam. Azhwar desires to
unite with the Lord and attain the Nayikaa bhaavam and suffers the pangs of
separation from the Lord. He enquires the crane (Naarai), AnRil Bird and
the Ocean as the messengers to share the separation and its pain in the
2.1. (second patthu, First Thiruvaaimozhi).

1.NaaraiyE! You are not getting vexed and without any sleep continue to
wait at the Ocean.(waiting for the prey). In this night, everyone has
slept. My mother has slept. Even the Nitya sUris have slept. You have NOT.
I have been suffering from "pasalai" disease. I am not able to sleep due to
that. Have you also lost your heart to Emperumaan?
2. Oh anRilE (the Bird!), Have you lost your heart too? Have you also
desire to perform kainkaryam to the Lord? Have also been captivated by the
Lotus Feet of the Lord? Have you also desired to obtain His ThuLasi garland
that was caught and got crushed on the bed when Periya piraatti and He
hugged and united on the Adhi sEshan. 
3.Oh Ocean! You have been making noises and have not been sleeping due to
your inability to get what you desired. You have been longing for that and
have been weeping. Have you also been caught in the pangs of separation
from Sri Rama like me? (You have seen Him when He returned from Lanka).
Have you also desired for the Lord's Feet?
4.Oh Chilled wind! You have also been loitering over the Ocean, mountains
and the skies. What is the reason? Have you also been suffering from
"viragha thaapam" like me? Have you also been spending sleepless nights?
You have been troubling me also with your chillness in this winter?
5.Oh Sky! Like me and my friends, You have been melting and shedding tears.
 Long live. You are just like me. Have you also been caught and attracted
by the valour of Emperumaan and desired to reach Him like me?
6.Oh Young moon! Have you also been remorse with tears due to separation?
Are you not able to remove the darkness from the sky and crying due to
that? (what a poet!) We both have believed His statements as true and have
been cheated.
7.After the moon has deserted the sky there is more and more darkness
engulfing the skies. Have you also been suffering due to the attainment of
darkness that has come with separation from the light(the Lord)? Why do you
have to make us suffer also by covering the brightness, the Lord's face?
8.Oh "kazhiyE! (the water fall! ) You have been having sleepless nights
too. Have you also lost your mind and brain at kaNNan?
9.Due to her severe pangs of separation and viraham, parAngusa naayaki sees
the deepam that burns near the bed and talks as if the viLakku also has
been lamenting with separation. 
10.The primordial Chief, the Ever Youthful Lord! The separation from You
has made me fall into these pangs and suffer. This love disease has pushed
me into a continuous thought about you only at days and nights. Please do
not leave me hereafter and take me!
11.NammAzhwAr has sung about the Primordial Chief who is in all things and
beings and AzhwAr has limitless, unsatisfying love for Him and has sung
thousand pasurams. Out of these ten will enamble those who read stay
permanently at Sri Vaikuntam.

AzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

NarayaNa dAsan (madhavakkannan)