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From: Ramagopal Mudumbi (
Date: Thu Jan 22 1998 - 08:33:53 PST

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>But, is it wrong if you say slokams for hanumAn or sani if you are 
>afflicted by sani (even though in your heart of hearts, you have >pledged
allegiance to perumal)? 

>Donno about sani. I personally have stopped saying those sani stOtrAs. >He
prob'ly is also an adiyAr of narayana. (who is not? )

What I heard is that SANI means the person who slows down. In other words
the person who slows down the material advancement of Jivatma  and diverts
Jivatma to spiritual advancement (towards SrimaNNaraYana).

Ramanuja Dasan