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Re: Fact or Fiction

From: T R Govindarajan (
Date: Thu Jan 22 1998 - 04:23:16 PST

A couple of years ago, I read in The Hindu (paper) that Dwarakai was located 
under sea in Gujarat state in India. 

Also, Saraswathi river, one of the rivers in 
Threeveni was in existence. I read an article on "The Hinduism" by an American
author (don't remember the name) wrote about a new theory on Aryan Invasion to 
India contradicting to the existing theory. 

Dr. Siddartha, Director general of 
the Hyderabad, A.P, based B.M. Birla Science center said that Rigveda and 
related Vedic literature contained accurate and sophisticated calendric 
astronomy pointing to a well settled agrarian and scholastic population, 
according to studies in 1993.

The book on "SandhyAvandanam" published by Sri. Thillaisthanam Swamy Kainkarya
Sabha, Bangalore discusses a scientific study of performing Sandhyavandanam and
the benefits.