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Sri Stuthi-4

From: muralidhar rangaswamy (
Date: Wed Jan 21 1998 - 18:41:54 PST

Dear Friends,

At the outset, I wish to seek forgiveness for carelessly using 
the word recant in part 3. This must be replaced by recite. In this 
post, I shall continue the summary of the fifth and sixth verses of Sri 
Stuthi. In these two verses, Swami Desikan further glorifies 
the eternal relationship between Lord Narayana and Sri. It is important 
to note the Vedic tributes to this relationship and its
role in granting SharaNagati to the desirous.

5. NishpratyUha PraNayaghatitam DevinityAnupAyam
   VishNustvam ChetyanavadhiguNam DvandvamanyOnyalakshyam I
   Sheshaschittam VimalamanasAm MoULayascha ShrutInAm 
   SampadyantE ViharaNavidhoU Yasya ShayyA VisEshA II

The unbroken bonding of love between Lord Narayana and Sri, which 
cannot be interrupted is responsible for mutually fixing their 
gaze on each other constantly. Adishesha, the hearts of Yogis, and 
the head of the Shrutis (Vedas) serve as befitting thrones for the 
Divine Couple, who sanctify these by making them their seats.

In this verse, Swami Desikan points out that both Lord Narayana and 
Sri are Vibhus. They are inseparable and constantly seen together. 
The oneness of Lord Narayana and Sri is eternal and it is impossible
to separate them. During AvatArams their apparent separation is 
only a Leela. This is reflective of the statement Yatra 
Yatra Narayana: Tatra Tatra Sri:. Swami Desikan adds that  
the Mother of the Universe, Sri, is a manifestation of 
the Lord's limitless KalyAna GuNams. 

6. Uddeshyatvam Janani BhujatOrujjatOpADhigandham 
   PratyagrUpE HavisHi YuvayOrEkashEsHitvayOgAth I
   PadmE Patyustva cha NigamaIrnityamanvishyamANO 
   NAvacchEdam Bhajati MahimA Nartayan MAnasam Na: II

Oh Mother! Realizing you both only is our objective. The goal of 
SharaNagati is also to realize you both only. This objective 
(i.e., attaining the Divine Couple) comes about naturally and is 
not forced. Oh PadmAvati! You and your Lord VishNu are constantly 
glorified by the Vedas. The glory (of your eternal relationship 
with Lord VishNu), which makes our mind blossom (with your thoughts) 
knows no bounds. 

The purpose of this salutation is to establish the elevated status 
of the oneness of Lord Narayana and Sri for a person engaged in 
SharaNagati to the Divine Couple. They are like two eyes for a Prapanna. 
A Prapanna cannot imagine one without the other. In turn, 
the Divine couple together bless the Prapanna with constant protection.  

Namo Narayana,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy

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