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Re: Fact or fiction?

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (
Date: Wed Jan 21 1998 - 11:15:24 PST

Thanks to the many posts and private correspondences on
this topic, my own faith is on a firmer footing now than

Let me introduce another interesting question somewhat
related to this topic.  This question appeared in the last
issue of Sri Nrisimha Priya.  A rough translation of the
question is as follows:

     "All Sidhdhaanthees agree that the Jeevaathma
     resides in a space inside our heart.  In these modern
     times we hear of heart surgeries when the heart is
     even temporarily taken out of the body and later put
     back.  The patient cured of the heart ailment goes on
     to live for many years.  When the heart is operated
     upon in this fashion, where does the Jeeva reside? 
     Does he reside in the heart or somewhere else in the

The answer by the Sampaadhagar runs into couple of pages
with several long quotations from Sri Bhashya.  The
following is a jist of it.

     "Your question is a valid one.  It must be answered
     in a way consistent with the sasthraas.  In my
     opinion the Jeeva moves to a different location.  In
     our sidhdhaatham, Jeevas are not just Jyana
     swaroopi, but also jyaathaa, i.e. one who possesses
     knowledge.  PrasnOpashad says" Esh Hi srOthaa,
     dhraathaa, rasayithaa, manthaa, bOdhdhaa, karthaa,
     vigyaan aathmaa purusha:."  Thus, the jeeva knows
     of the impending surgery and removes himself from
     the heart.  There may be an objection about the
     Jeevaa's ability to travel out of the heart.  But there
     are references from Sri Bhashyam to indicate that
     the Jeeva travels outside the heart during "svaapa
     dhasai", "svapna dhasai", and "uthkraanthi
     dhasai".  Therefore, we can definitely say that the
     Jeeva ventures out of the heart to another location in
     the body during the surgery."

The above question and the answer may be extended to heart
transplants, artificial heart implants, etc.

-- adiyEn