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Postings to be cherished & Significant events of the year past

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Jan 21 1998 - 05:19:44 PST

Dear BhakthAs of Sriman NaarAyaNA :

Of late , we have some some profound and 
mArga Darsi type of postings . There are a few .
By my singling out these two , I do not mean to underplay 
the importance of other postings belonging to this 
category , which needs to be cherished as guide posts.

The two recent postings are that of Sri Anand on
SamAsrayaNam and the posting of Sri Kalale on 
Response to Srimathi KrishnamachAri"s question 
on prayer to Sani BhagavAn . They need to be read again
and again and kept as a ready reference by Sri VaishNavAs 
and particularly by younger members of this group .

The courteous dialog between various members again 
on cotroversial subjects is so heartening to note  , when 
one recalls earlier occasions of similar sort .

Recent auspicious happenings like the highly successful
Denver meeting , Release of Desika Prabhandham tapes
by Sri Nadathur Madhavan and Srimans Jagan and Dileepan 
are most satisfying to recall as the dedicated contributions
of many from this group . The Observance of Prapatthi by
few of our members influenced to some degree by the 
celebration of AchAryAs in these columns of Bhakthi group
is  a very significant one. I am sure that more BaranyAsams will
take place in the next few months . The initiation of the 
SaraNAgathi Journal , the trireless work of Sri Anbil Ramaswmay
and Sri RengarAjan are additional blessings .
The Buffalo SDDS meeting organized by Sri Vijayaraghavan 
and his dear friends of the Buffalo metropolitan area ,,
the Pomona SDDS Meeting at Sri RanganathA temple 
with the support of Dr. Venkat kanumala  and the Most recent Nama/SDDS 
meetingwith the enormous effort of Srimathi Nagu satyan ,
Sri Mohan Sagar and friends at Denver are heartening happenings . 
I hope that Sri VenkatAchalapathy will bless us to complete the kaimkaryam
at Pittsburgh planned for  the Memorial day week end . 

The support of many members for the Centennial of Abhinava Desika 
UttamUr Swamy ( Thai Svathi , Jan 31, 1997 ) , the RathnAngi-
Mutthangi Kaimkaryam for Sri Oppiliappan in 1996 ,
the release of the third volume of Desika Prabhandham 
with the initiative of Sri Murali Rangaswami are mile stones of
acccomplishments with the blessings of the Divya Dampathis . 

BTW , today is Thai SvAthi and is the birthday of Sri UttamUr
Swamy. It is nice to have his grandson Sri Anand here with us 
on this continent .

Finally , I wish to let you know that the MaaNiccka Kondai 
Kaimkaryam for Sri Bhumi Devi of Oppilaippan Koil is
complete now. Feb 18 is the day of SamarpaNam of
the Kondai set in Padma RaagA stones celebrated by 
Swami Desikan in Padma Raaga Paddhathi of 
Sri PaadhukhA SthOthram :

PrapdhyE RanganAthasya PaadhukhAM Padma rAgineem I
padhaika niyatham tasys PadmavAsAm ivAparAm II

Our Bhumi dEvi ThAyar will also be presented with 
an Emerald parrot ( Maragatha stones encrusted Parrot ) for her 
right hand ) and a Jata Kothsu ( woven golden Jadai ) . 
Those of you or your relatives , who can participate in
this once -in -a - life time sevai on Feb 18 at
Oppiliappan Koil are the lucky ones ! I wish I 
could be there . Many thanks to all of You ,
who contributed to this kaimkaryam and made
the dream come true.

May the Dibvya Dampathi's blessings be with you all
on this Thai SvAthi day and every day of the year .