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Re: SamAshrayanam - part 5

From: Mohan Sagar (msagar_at_WORLDNET.ATT.NET)
Date: Tue Jan 20 1998 - 20:54:54 PST

Sri Mani writes:

> Sri Manavala Maamunigal explicitly says in his commentary
> on Mumukshuppadi ("the steps of the seeker of liberation")
> that imparting the ashtAkshara mantra _must_ be done with
> praNava, and that it must have 8 syllables, no matter who 
> is receiving the mantra. According to Maamunigal, imparting 
> it in another way destroys the mantra.
> This practice is followed by acharyas in the line of Manavala
> Maamunigal. Others may do it differently.

This is just to confirm the above.

Mani refers to sutra 28 of Sri ManavAla Maamunigal's commentary on
Mumuksupadi.  From what I have read, in general, the practice of all
Tenkalai AchAryans is to impart the complete thirumantram, praNavam
included, without consideration of the caste or gender of the initiate.

My wife had the good fortune of receiving samAsrayanam from Sri Tridandi
Jeear when he visited Denver in 1996.   She has confirmed that Sri Jeear
Swamy initiated her into the entire thirumantra, including the praNavam