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This is madhavakkannan reporting to duty

From: V.Madhavakkannan (
Date: Tue Jan 20 1998 - 01:39:21 PST

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,
This is your madhavakkannan reporting to duty after having been recharged
with the Divine katAkshams of Sri Padmavathi sametha Srininvasa perumal,
Sri Ranganayaki sametha Sri Ranganatha and Sri Bhoomipiraatti sametha
Oppaarilappan. It was simply a marvellous visit to back home during this
festival of Vaikunta Ekadashi with Arayar sEvai. It was also fruitful to
prostrate at the Feet and have merciful glances from Srimad
Poundareekapuram Andavan Swamigal and perform prapatti at the AvhAryAL's
Feet. It is the grace of Divya Dampathis' and of NammAzhwAr (in spite of my
diluting His Tiruvaaimozhi) that enabled me to undergo this event. AcharyaL
asked me to have a sEthu snanam at ThiruppallANi before prapatti. Swami
spoke for about 21/2 hours on saraNagathi-OOrdhva pundram-aagaara niyamam
and its neccessity- Pancha samskaram-japam- our natural belongingness to
Sriman Narayanan and so on. (Later, let me narrate to you all about it). 
Swami was ALL PRAISE for these Bhakti Discussions (I had taken some of our
postings and showed to Him- Not my posts; but of others, like Sri V.
Sadgopan) and SDDS. Swami talked very high of Sri Anbil Ramaswamy
(unfortunately, I could not meet Anbil Swami) and of Sri Muralidhar

Just a share note and to keep you informed. about 160 e-mails were received
yesterday when I logged on.(Yet to read them!).  It must have been a great
maargazhi and Grand Denver.
Wishing you all a much more spritual Life and peace. 
Vardhadhaam abhi vardhadhaam.   

Ram Ram


dAsan madhavakkannan

P.S. Planning to commence(or continue?) the Thiruvaaimozhi on the remaining
patthus tomorrow.