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Sri Stuthi-3

From: muralidhar rangaswamy (
Date: Mon Jan 19 1998 - 11:58:59 PST

Dear Friends,

In this note, I shall summarize Shlokas 3 and 4 of the Sri Stuthi. 
Swami Desikan describes the benefit of eulogizing Periya Piratti 
Thayar and establishes that She is the reason for the Paratvam of 
Lord Narayana.

3. Stotavyatvam Dishati Bhavati Dehibhi: StUyamAnA
   TAmEva TvAmanitaragati: StOtumAshamsamAna: I
   SiddhArambha: SakalabhuvanashrlAghanIyO BhavEyam 
   SevApEkshA Tava CharaNayO: ShrEyasE Kasya Na SyAt II

You are the one who is extolled by all. Because of your Stuthi 
we have the good fortune of being able to take part in its recantation. 
Oh Devi of such great Mahima! I too desire to sing 
your Stuthi. Even as I commence the task of singing your Stuthi, 
all my undertakings are blessed with success (Sakala KArya 
Siddhi). I have the firm faith that soon I shall be famous around 
the world (for composing your Stuthi). This is not in the least 
surprising. Without a doubt, those who glorify you through your 
Stuthi will be blessed with undying fame.

The inner meaning of this verse is that Bhagavan's name becomes 
easily utterable to those who first recant the name of Thayar. Since 
anyone who utters the name of Bhagavan becomes blessed in all 
respects, it is Periya Piratti Thayar who is responsible for conferring 
Bhagavan's blessings to the beneficiary. The significant salutations in 
this verse are "Dehibhi:" and "SiddhArambha". 
The term Dehibhi: is used to denote all from the lowliest of Jivans 
to the exalted four-faced Brahma. Swami Desikan refers to the fact 
that Periya Piratti Thayar is saluted with reverence by all ranging 
from the lowliest Jivans to Brahma. SiddhArambha refers to the fact 
that even those who contemplate on recanting the Sri Stuthi are 
blessed with the boon of success in their endeavors (KArya Siddhi).
Granting this boon at the commencement of the recitation of the Sri 
Stuthi is the hallmark of Mahalakshmi. This verse bears eloquent 
testimony to the uniqueness of Her blessings.

4. YatsankalpAdhBhavati KamalE Yatra DehinyaMIshAm
   JanmasthEmapraLayarachanA JangamAjangamAnAm I
   TatkalyANam Kimapi YaminAmEkalakshyam SamAdhoU
   PurNam TEja: sphurati BhavatI PAdalAkshArasAnkam II

This verse refers to the exalted status of Periya Piratti Thayar. 
Swami Desikan leaves his imprint on this verse with a couple of 
outstanding characteristic usages. For example, the usage JanmasthEma 
praLayarachana and TatkalyANam Kimapi are also found in the Daya 
Shatakam, where Swami Desikan eloquently describes Daya as an important 
KalyAna GuNam of the Lord of Seven Hills-Srinivasa. H.H. Srimad Andavan 
Swamigal of Srimad Paundarikapuram Ashramam astutely observes that 
without the prefix Sri, the term Nivasan does not make sense at all and 
uses this argument to establish the eternal relationship between Lord 
Narayana and Sri to bring out the elevated status of Sri residing in the 
Lord's Vakshasthalam. It is this eternal 
relationship between Lord Narayana and Sri which is responsible for 
his Parathvam according to Swami Desikan.  

Lord Narayana is responsible for the creation, preservation and 
destruction of the Universe. By taking up residence in the Lord's heart, 
Periya Piratti Thayar makes it doubly lustrous and auspicious. 
By saluting the Lotus feet of this Thayar who resides in the Lord's 
Vakshasthala, one is conferred with the benefit of knowledge and insight 
about the Lord. Serving as a manifestation of the Lord's 
mercy, her benevolent glances confers the grace of the Lord. 
The inner meaning here is the concept of SharaNagati. Swami 
Desikan instructs the desirous to seek the blessings of the Mother
of the Universe by saluting Her Lotus feet as a prelude to obtaining the 
grace of Lord Narayana and establishes that such an approach is 
bound to be blessed with success. 

Thus, Swami Desikan brilliantly mirrors the experience of Sri 
Ramanujacharya's SharaNagati Gadyam.

Namo Narayana,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy     

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