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RE: SamAshrayanam - part 5

From: Rajagapalan, Murli (
Date: Mon Jan 19 1998 - 09:07:35 PST

I think, vedic scriptures are recitable by traivarnika men (not only 
BrAhmana men).  Just wanted clarification.
Murali Kadambi

From:  Mani Varadarajan[]
Sent:  Sunday, January 18, 1998 8:28 PM
Subject:  Re: SamAshrayanam - part 5

I would like to thank Ananta Padmanabhan (Anand)
for an excellent set of articles on samASrayaNam,
one of the central religious ceremonies undertaken
by someone in our tradition.

I would like to clarify one point.

Sri Ananta Padmanabhan wrote:
>    This highly sacred mantra has pranavam(combination of A,U and M) 
> the beginning.Vedic Scriptures strictly restrict the usage of 
> Only BrAhmana purushAs (men) are allowed to recite it .

There is a difference of opinion among various Sri Vaishnava
acharyas and scholars on this practice.  Many Sri Vaishnava
acharyas give the praNava or omkAra to anyone undergoing
samASrayaNam, male or female, of any family background or
caste. Others do not, and restrict it to those who have
the sacred thread.

adiyEn Mani