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Re: SamAshrayanam - part 5

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Sun Jan 18 1998 - 19:11:20 PST

>Sri Ananta Padmanabhan wrote:
>>    This highly sacred mantra has pranavam(combination of A,U and M)  in
>> the beginning.Vedic Scriptures strictly restrict the usage of pranavam.
>> Only BrAhmana purushAs (men) are allowed to recite it .
>There is a difference of opinion among various Sri Vaishnava
>acharyas and scholars on this practice.  Many Sri Vaishnava
>acharyas give the praNava or omkAra to anyone undergoing
>samASrayaNam, male or female, of any family background or
>caste. Others do not, and restrict it to those who have
>the sacred thread.
>adiyEn Mani

I personally do not not know of any of our acharyas who instruct pranava
mantra to females and non-traivarnikas. Sri VedantaDesika specifically
suggests changes to pranava mantra in order that related mantras can be
taught to them.

However, I know that vedas are taught to women in these modern days by
folks other then our acharyas; this issue has become sort of controversial
from the traditional point of view.

adiyen Krishna Kalale