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A Couple of Guidelines

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Sun Jan 18 1998 - 13:38:47 PST

Dear Members,

The Bhakti list is doing quite well these days,
with many people posting interesting articles 
and subscribing.

Generally, articles tend to be of one of two
flavors: (a) presentations of stotras, paasurams,
             or philosophical topics, or 
         (b) personal questions and discussions.

Lately, save a few posts, we have not had much
of (b).  While (a) is extremely valuable and 
important, I do not want anyone to be discouraged
from asking any question or starting any discussion.
The main purpose of this group is to have informal
discussions so we can improve ourselves and find 
out more from each other.

So please, feel free to ask any question or discuss
any topic -- not matter how stupid or silly you think 
it is. No one should be scared away from asking 

And let us continue at the same time to enjoy the
stotras, paasurams, and philosophical presentations!

Second Suggestion

Please proofread your posts before posting, to make
sure they are readable. This means no unnecessary
included text from previous posts, no lines running
longer than 60-70 characters, etc.

Please also do not send posts as MIME attachments;
many of us cannot decode these, and they clutter
up the digest unnecessarily.

Please always be aware that there are people in India
and elsewhere who have very slow connections to the
Internet, and posts with unnecessary garbage data is
not helpful to them.

I appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

adiyEn Mani