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Homage to U.Ve. Velukkudi Swami..

From: P.B.Anand (
Date: Fri Jan 16 1998 - 02:17:56 PST

Dear Bhagavathas: 

Just as the month that is God's own ('maasanam margasirshoham') comes to
an end, the rasanubhava the ineffable experience of reliving along with
Andal who in turn takes us to dwapara yuga to become a part of that
beautiful period of Lord Krishna, leaves one with a feeling of loss, a
sense of helplessness similar to one's feelings when one had just
completed reading an excellent book. 

Those who have heard Sriman U.Ve.  Velukkudi Varadachar swami even once
would automatically understand the meaning of his title 'Vagamritavarshi'. 
Soon after the successful completion of a month long discourse on
thiruppavai during the margazhi of 1990 December to 1991 January, after
the pongal festival, Velukkudi swami went to Srirangam to pay tributes to
the Lord and there within the temple itself on the way to Thayar sannidhi,
he attained Lord's lotus feet - very similar to what we hear of Andal and
Thiruppani alwar attaining divine grace and never returning from that
bhooloka vaikunta. It is that time of the year and I feel that being a
part of this discussion group and being able to hear (/read) the
discussions of our kula dhanam of the arulicheyal of our alwars and
acharyas is the best homage one could pay to him. 

For information of fellow bhagavathas, Sri Vagamritavarshi swamy's son 
U.Ve. Velukkudi Krishnan swamy I am told is continuing to extol the 
audiences with equally fluent and rich discourses on our sampradayam, in 
spite of being a busy and successful auditor.

P.B. Anand