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Special Memorial Day Week end event at Sri VenkatEswarA (SV )temple

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Jan 12 1998 - 04:24:40 PST

Dear BhakthAs of Sri VenkatAchalapathi :

The Management of the SV temple of Pittsburgh 
has honored me by asking to organize a conference 
on the Vaibhavam of Sri AlarmEl mangai  SamEtha
Sri VenkatEsan . The emphasis would be on the 
ways in which AzhwArs , AchAryAs and NaadhOpasakAs
celebrated the Lord of Seven Hills and attained Moksham .
It is my prayer that SriAlarmEl mangai samEtha-- 
Venkatachalapathy blesses this effort
and accepts this Kaimkaryam and completes it .

This event will be a two day long conference ( May 23-24 )
at Pittsburgh in the Conference Hall below the Garbhagraham .
May I request the devotees of of the Divya Dampathis to take part in 
this meeting , which I am told is the first of its kind organized 
by the Pittsburgh temple to focus exclusively on the magnificient 
kula dhanams( AzhwAr aruLiccheyalgaL and AchArya sthuthis 
related to the presiding deity of the saptha Giris . 

The Memorial day and Labor day week ends are busy ones at 
the Pittsburgh SV Temple and it will be wonderful to have 
the sathsangham of the Lord's BhakthAs . I am making this
preliminary announcement for you to pencil this event in 
Your calendars.

Some of the topics under consideration for presentations are:

1.  The 202  paasurams by the ten azhwArs on Thirumalappan

2. Daya sathakam of Swami Desikan , Sri VenkatEsa
    Gadhyam and Sri VenkatEsa SaraNAgathi 

3. The salutations of TaLapaakkam AnnamAcchAryA ,
    Purandara DAsA , Saint ThygarAjA and MutthuswAmi 
    Deekshithar with demonstrations from their krithis 
    and commentary on their anubhavams .

4. A Bharatha Naatyam or KuchcipUdu 
    dance event on Srinivasa KalyANam 
    or ANDAL ThirukkalyANam as portrayed by
    NacchiyAr Thirumozhi paasurams .

The plan is to have a " multimedia event " .
The Lord bless us to get this kaimkaryam 
 completed in a spirit of " Svasmai SvayamEva 
 Kaarayathi " .

Other suggestions on potential topics for inclusion 
and volunteering to contribute to this event 
are most welcome at this time of commencement
of planning for this uthsavam .

With prayers to Sri SeshAdhri Sekahra Vibhu to bless
all particpants/Contributors to this conference ,

Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SadagOpan 
Isvara Samvathsaram , Dhanur Maasa Sulkla Paksha Pournimai
Sarvam  Sri KrishNArpaNamasthu