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thiruppaavai -- verse 24

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Fri Jan 09 1998 - 10:54:15 PST

[ Today, January 8, is the 24nd day of maargazhi
  (December-January).  On each day of maargazhi,
  one verse from Andal's divine poem ``thiruppaavai'' 
  is savored. Today's verse is "anRu iv ulagam".

  What I have presented is the surface meaning.
  Each verse can actually be understood in many 
  poetic and profoundly philosophical ways. Perhaps
  others can offer further thoughts and reactions.

  An introduction to Andal and the thiruppaavai
  can be found on the Web: 

  Pardon me for skipping some verses.
  Vacation and illness conspired against me,
  and I hope to make up the missed posts in the meantime.

  -- Mani ]


In the first five songs, Andal described the sacred 
vow (paavai nonbu) she and her friends will 
undertake during the month of maargazhi to get
the "divine drum", which only the Lord of the 
Universe, Narayana (Krishna), can give them.  

In verses 5-15, she goes about waking up 
her friends in the wee hours of the morning so they 
can go perform this vow. In verses 16-22, Andal and 
her friends gather at the doors of the household of 
Krishna and ask that they rise and grace them.  Her
appeals start first with his father Nandagopa and 
end with Krishna himself and his wife Nappinnai.  

As Krishna awakens (23), Andal is overwhelmed by his
presence.  Enamored and concerned only for Him, in 
verse 24 she sings a song of praise and benediction.

thiruppaavai, verse 24 -- anRu iv ulagam

anRu iv ulagam aLandhaay adi pORRi *
senRanguth then ilangai seRRaay thiRal pORRi *
ponRach chakatam udhaiththaay pugazh pORRi *
kanRu kuNil aaveRindhaay kazhal pORRi *
kunRu kudaiyaay eduththaay guNam pORRi *
venRu pagai kedukkum nin kaiyil vEl pORRi *
enRu enRu un sEvagamE Eththip paRai koLvaan *
inRu yaam vandhOm irangElOr embaavaay

  [ '*' indicates the end of a line, split 
     both for recitation as well as to help
     with the meaning. ]


That day, long ago, you measured these worlds
   Hail your feet!
You went and destroyed southern Lanka
   Hail your strength!
You kicked the cart to pieces
   Hail your fame!
You flung the calf demon like a sling
   Hail your feet!
You lifted a hill as an umbrella
   Hail your gracious good qualities!
You vanquished your foes
   Hail the spear in your hand!

In so many ways we praise your greatness
We have come today for the drum

Have pity on us

Word for Word meaning

anRu		then, long ago
iv ulagam	these worlds
aLandhaay	you strode
adi		your feet
pORRi		we sing "All Hail, all glory!"

senRu		after going
angu		there
then ilangai	Ravana's city of southern Lanka
seRRaay		you destroyed
thiral		your vigour
pORRi		we sing "All Hail, all glory!"

ponRa		destroying
chakatam	the demon who came as an cartwheel
udhaiththaay	by kicking
pugazh		your fame
pORRi		we sing "All Hail, all glory!"

kanRu		the demon who came as a calf
kunilaa		you used as a stick (against another demon)
eRindhaay	threw
kazhal		your feet
pORRi		we sing "All Hail, all glory!"

kunRu		the Govardhana hill
kudaiyaay	as an umbrella
eduththaay	you lifted
guNam		your good nature
pORRi		we sing "All Hail, all glory!"

venRu		to win
pagai		enemies
kedukkum	destroy
nin kaiyil	in your hand
vEl		spear
pORRi		we sing "All Hail, all glory!"

enRu enRu	in all these ways
un sEvakamE Eththi
		praising your greatness
paRai koLvaan	to get the drum

inRu		today
yaam		we
vandhOm		have come
irangu		have mercy on us