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Re: thiruppaavai -- verse 22

From: muralidhar rangaswamy (
Date: Wed Jan 07 1998 - 06:23:53 PST

Dear Mani,

Thanks a lot for an excellent summary of the 22nd verse of Tiruppavai.
Obtaining the Lord's Darshanam and  
being a beneficiary of the Lord's benevolent glances is a 
constantly recurring theme in the works of our Azhwars and Acharyas. 
Sri Kulashekara Azhwar desires to hold the spit-bowl of Lord Srinivasa 
so that the benign glance of the Lord falls upon him. Tiruppan Azhwar
enjoys the Anubhavam of the Lord from head to foot and finally 
says that his eyes that have beheld the Lord are sanctified by the 
Darshanam and he does not wish to see anything else. Tirumazhisai 
Azhwar was privy to the special grace of YathOktakaari Bhagavan. 
In the Daya Shatakam, Swami Desikan points out that a mere 
benevolent glance of Lord Srinivasa absolves one of the three 
RuNams (Deva, Rishi and Pitru). In the KaamasikAshtakam, Swami Desikan 
again glorifies Bhagavan Narasimha and points out that the benign 
glance of Bhagavan Narasimha is sufficient to rid one of the three 
kinds of illness (AdhyAtmika, Adi Bhowdika and Adi Daivika). In the 
Sri Stuthi, Swami Desikan again glorifies the KatAksham of Periya 
Piratti. Sri Tirukacchi Nambi requests the blessings of Sri Varadaraja 
Perumal in the Devaraja Ashtakam and seeks his cool merciful 
glance. In the Ramayana, Shabari glorifies the Darshanam of Lord Rama 
as "ChakshushA Tava Soumyena Putasmi Raghunandana" and later on 
says that "Tvayi DevavarE RamE PUjitE Purusharshaba". That Lord 
Rama was a witness to Shabari's Moksham is brilliantly described in the 
Valmiki Ramayanam as "Tasmin MuhUrthe Shabari ChIrakrishNajinAmbara. 
Jwalath Paavaka Sankaashaath SwargamEva jagAma 
Saa" and in Swami Desikan's Raghuveera Gadyam as "Shabari Moksha 

Thanks again for the beautiful note which generated so many related 
reflections. Notes such as yours make my day.

Best Wishes,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy    

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