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Date: Tue Jan 06 1998 - 07:46:37 PST

Dear Bhagavathas,

I am hoping to add some information regarding Pasurams etc..which might have 
been already posted or discussed in this forum.  In discussing Tattvam, various 
Pramanas are used.  Depending on the Pramana(s) used, it becomes a certain 
school.  While Advaita and Vishistadvaita school uses same Pramanas, our 
Acharyas included Nalayira Dhivya Prabandam as part of the Pramanas.  In other 
words, various aspects of worships in Temples or homes of Sri Vaishnava draws 
not only from Vedic scriptures but from Prabandams as well.   For example, 
having Samasaranam, "stamping Changu and Chakra"  gets the Pramana from 
Periyalvar Pasuram,
theeyiRpolikinRasenchudaraazhi thikazhthiruchchakkaraththin
kOyiRpoRiyaalE_oRRuNdun^inRu kudikudi_aatseykinROm
maayapporupadaivaaNanai aayirandhOLumpozhikuruthi
paaya suzhaRRiya_aazhivallaanukkup pallaaNdukooRuthumE.              7.

A rough translation of the first line of Pasuram will be  
theeyiRpolikinRa - Left in fire and glowing hot,
senchudaraazh thikazhthiruchchakkaraththin - Changu and Chakra
oRRuNdu - gently touched by

In other words, Sri Periyalvar's pasuram is the pramanam for having Samasaranm 
for Sri Vaishnavas.  There are many other practices which derives from Alwar's 

In Siva temples or sannidhis the worship is according to saivagama which does 
not accept (my belief) Nayanmar's work as Pramana.  If the pooja is done (either
in temple or home) according to Panchayadana system(which include all the five 
principal deities (Vishnu, Siva, Ganesa, Surya and Sakthi) with one of them 
which in this case is Siva) then they may recite some of the Nayanmar's work.

In the month of Margazhi, Sri Vaishnava Temples/sannidhis have Thiruppavai for 
all the thirty days where as Thiruvembavai is recited only twenty days.  An 
interesting bit of information on reciting Tiruppavai and Tiruvembavai in 
temples.  As the story goes, there was a move to recite both Thiruppavai and 
Thiruvembavai in both Siva and Vishnu temples.  However, when Pradivaathi 
Bayangaram Annangarachariar Swamigal when he heard about this said the 
following: " It is okay to recite Thiruppavai in any Siva temple or place of 
worhsip because there is no reference to Siva as secondary to Vishnu.  It only 
sings the praise of Sriman Narayana.  However, Thiruvembavai talks about "Arium 
Ionum kananatha arutperum jothi", meaning Vishnu and Brahma could not fathom 
Siva. How one can go to Vishnu sannidhi and recite his praise which also 
includes that he was not able to see Sivas feet." 
My intent of this information is not to start a debate but to provide 
information so that those who would like to recite both Thiruppavai and 
Thiruvembavai, can do so wisely.  That is, recite Thiruppavai in Perumal 
Sannidhi and move to Sivan Sannidhi to recite Thiruvembavai.
As a footnote, few of us in Boston have the opportunity of having Sri Balaji 
Bhattar and Sri Krishna Bhattar of Sri Lakshmi Temple,  who are willing to 
discuss the Pramanas for some of their practices.  With this kind of 
explanation, we are amazed how deep and rich our heritage is. Our Dhanur Masa 
aradhanam which includes Thiruppalliyezhuchi and Thiruppavai at 5.30 AM includes
a small discussion on the inner meaning of the pasuram of the day. If there is 
an interest, I can post a condensed version of these discussions.