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More on family name

From: Cande V Ananth (ananthcv_at_epi.UMDNJ.EDU)
Date: Tue Jan 06 1998 - 06:14:44 PST

Dear members of the bakthi-list:

    Before I post my querries, let me take this opportunity to wish you and
    your family the very best during the year.

    You may recall that back in January/February 1997, I had posted a querry
    to this list requesting for the meaning of the word "Candadai" (its my
    family name). A friend of mine sent me a set of profound and interesting
    questions about the "Candadai" traditions/origin and lineage. I most
    certainly am the least conpetent to answer these questions, and so I turn
    to you, learned menbers, for answers. I have appended my friends' querries
    below. Thanks, in advance for taking the time to respond.

>  From Sun Jan  4 13:04:54 1998
>  To:
>  Subject: New Year Greetings
>  Date: Sun, 04 Jan 1998 10:04:18 PST
>  Who is the Acharyan for Kandhaadai family. Is it Mudaleeandan or
>  Kandadai Aandan? 
>  Are they Swayamachari?
>  I understand that there is one more branch of Kandadai family, viz.,
>  Kovil Kandadai, whose Gothram could be Bhradwaja or Shadamarshana.
>  Is it true that the Kovil Kandadai family were those who followed Sri
>  Ramanuja when he left Sriperumbudur?
>  If so who is their Acharyan? and are they Swayamacharis?
>  Jayanthi