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FW: Digest bhakti.v002.n422

From: Bharadwaj, Jaganath (
Date: Mon Jan 05 1998 - 08:14:53 PST

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>> I am seeing more and more articles from 
>> "the Hindu" posted here.  I kindly request
>> members to NOT post articles prepared
>> elsewhere like these in the forum.
>Sorry about that!! I am the guilty one.
>> Even if they are relevant, I am on occasion
>> seeing the same article posted multiple times.
>Is it OK to point the URL if I feel something is relevant or should we
>assume that everyone reads The Hindu's Religion Brief daily :-)
>For practical purposes if we restrict articles posted here to "our
>discussions" we are effectively limiting our reading material to Sri
>Sadagopan's postings.  The rest of us, barring a few, generally chip in
>during a controvercy, but how many of us benefit spiritually from a Tamil
>versus Sanskrit discussion?  One thing I always wanted to know was the inner
>meaning of Pasurams, but such presentations have been sporadic.  No one has,
>to my knowledge, presented on this forum, Thiruppavai meanings with the
>clarity given by the Jeer of Sri Parakala Mutt.  I would therefore request
>Sri Mani to consider the possibility of us submitting articles to
> rather than bhakti, articles from the Hindu so that useful
>articles are not weeded along with the weeds.