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Re: raama mantra - maraaThii - 6-10

From: Shree (
Date: Sun Jan 04 1998 - 06:08:11 PST

> From: Krishna Susarla <>
> Subject: Re: raama mantra - maraaThii - 6-10
> Date: Sat, 03 Jan 1998 13:11:48 -0600
> >kaphe.n ka.nTha haa ruddha ho{ii}la jevhaa.n .
> >akasmaata to praaNa jaa{ii}la te.nvhaa.n ..
> >tulaa koNa tethe.n sakhe soyare re .
> >hare raama haa ma.ntra sopaa japaa re .. 6..
> >
> >When your throat will get blocked by secretions,
> >Unexpectedly will the life end;
> >What friends and kinsmen will you have then?
> >Why not at least recite this simple chant of ' Hare Rama '.   .. 6..
> This very nice. Who is the author?

These are by svaamii raamadaasa ( 1608-1681 A.D. ) also known as raamadaasa

> Swami Ramdasa (1608-1681), was the spiritual guru of Shivaji, both 
> instrumental in the renaissance of Hindu Dharma and Polity,'nishreyas'
>  and 'abhyudaya', in the manner of Krishna and Arjuna, or Buddha and                          
>  Ashoka. He wrote prolifically in a vigorous poetic style, and his verses 
>  are to this day on the lips of young and old, as aphorisms for 
> leading a god-centered life in the turmoil of the world.

You can see the following for a detailed biography. .tex file has the text
version, .ps file has the postscript version of the same.

> >Found it. Thank you for pointing to it. Very interesting to read - but
> >raamamantraache shloka seem to be very much 'vairaagya' oriented (I was
> >reading the meanings that you sent) while the write-up on jaguar seems to
> >paint a differnt picture. I read the .tex file which has the text, I am
> >sure the .ps is also there.
> Ramadasa tailored his teachings to appeal to the  wide range of temperaments
> of the listeners.
> When Arjuna asked Krishna, it is as difficult to control the mind as the
> wind,  Krishna's answer was:
> " abhyaasena tu kaunteya vairaagyeNa cha gR^ihyate ". The vey first mantra
> of Isha Upanishad says :
> cover everything with the essence of Truth(God), then enjoy it knowing it is
> God's and not yours.
> The point Ramadasa makes is that vairaagya has to be internal, not external!

Thanks for the feedback, I was wondering if anyone was reading them at all
:-) I shall continue to post the rest of them.